Amy is training Spartan for a jumping contest. Amy's impending motherhood is shadowed by a mare's post-pregnancy complications. She tries to tame a wild mustang, as Lou plans a surprise party. Ty and Amy's relationship is put in jeopardy when Ty's travel buddies, Grant and Blair, return to Heartland. A conflicted Ty hesitates to open a package from his father. : Lou is determined to give Amy and Ty the wedding of their dreams, but a host of last-minute obstacles make her job unexpectedly challenging. A mysterious woman turns up to meet with Jack. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site web. When Tim's racehorse Cisco is stolen on the way to his maiden race, Amy and Ty get help tracking him down from an unlikely source: Ty's stepfather.

While trying to get everything at the ranch organized so she can join Ty on a work-related trip, Amy meets some resistance from her worried father. 29 Sep. 2019 Wild One. Amy faces a tough moral dilemma when she discovers Mr. Hanley has abandoned his horses and is on the brink of losing his farm.

Amy's forced to compete with a rival trainer; Georgie tries to reunite Amy and Ty; and Lou regrets her decision to hire Jade to work at the ranch. The mysterious ailment of Caleb's horse may be due to contaminated river water.
Amy has a crisis when a client changes her mind about using Amy's services after learning of her pregnancy. Ty and Amy are finally forced to deal with their feelings for each other after a snowstorm strands them at Jack's fishing cabin in the mountains. Victor Whitetail makes a visit to Heartland, which stirs up the past and leaves Tim wondering if Victor was more than just friends with his ex-wife. Mallory's discovery that Jake is planning to leave Hudson forces her to reexamine the choices she has made. Lou and Lisa plan a reunion performance to celebrate Jack's birthday. Tim receives big news. Amy works with a horse to help it overcome its fear of water, but sparks fly when Jack learns the horse is owned by a former flame. Lou and Tim are at odds with Jack over their plans to change Heartland. Lou calls in an eccentric old neighbor to help with the delivery. Lou plans an exotic vacation. When Ty needs some engine parts for his broken down truck he's forced to turn to the last person on earth he wants help from - his stepfather, Wade. Georgie begins to find Adam clingy. Season 13 was released on Netflix UK on 1 March 2020Most of the other Netflix territories soon followed, and season 13 is now available. Lou and Peter call a truce while facing false child endangerment charges. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Amy works with a troubled jumper, and Jack and Lisa pressure Lou to reveal a secret family recipe. Qui sommes-nous | Lou is taken aback after Mitch buys her a horse, and tries to interpret his gesture. Découvrez les 10 épisodes de la saison 13 de la série Heartland (CA) j ai adore cette serie j attends avec impatience la serie 13 sur netflix si vous avez une date merci Amy tries to pretend that nothing has changed when Ty returns to Heartland with a surprise guest. Lisa reveals that the horse Amy's working with is a clone.

Tim enlists Amy to ride Lightning Dexter in a big-time stakes race when he finds out his girlfriend, Janice, has teamed up with the competition. Amy helps the son of old friends connect with a horse. Rate. Trying to avoid hitting a wolf, Ty is badly hurt when he crashes his bike on a remote road, leaving Jack to search for help in the middle of nowhere. But all is not right with the proposition.

Rate. Jeux concours | Season nine of Heartland finds the Bartlett-Fleming clan navigating the new normal as each family member starts an exciting chapter, leaving past hurt and hardships behind. Blackstone: les 5 saisons sont en streaming sur Amazon Prime Video, Le Prince de Peoria : Le miracle de Noël: l'épisode spécial est sur Netflix, Le prince de Peoria: la série Prince of Peoria est sur Netflix, Heartland saison 11: la série canadienne est en streaming sur Netflix. When Amy and Ty become the proud new parents of an orphaned foal, the strength of their relationship is put to the test. As we all know that season 12 and season 13 are gone, but it still exists on Netflix as if it was just released. Amy and Lou help Georgie regain her confidence as a showjumper when Olivia makes her question her place in the family. 2007 13+ 9 Seasons TV Dramas. Ty cause quelques difficultés, mais aide finalement Amy à faire face aux obstacles qu’elle rencontre. An old friend unexpectedly flies in from London, hiding the real reason for her visit. Meanwhile, Mallory goes missing. The family rallies around Georgie when she receives a newspaper article from her brother and must decide whether or not to face a ghost from her past. Recrutement | Even though she needs help in math, Georgie tries to get Lou to fire her new tutor. Casey intends to buy a bulldogging horse, forcing a confession from Tim. Lou ponders her new business venture and a matter of the heart. Wyatt gives Georgie a warning. Amy seeks out an up-and-coming show jumper (Jeremy) to learn why he's refusing Scott and Ty's suggested treatment for his horse. When Jack takes Ty on a mustang roundup, Ty loses his temper and punches a wrangler for mistreating a horse. En parallèle, Amy fait la connaissance de son père, Tim Fleming, qu’elle n’a pas revu depuis sa petite enfance. After seeing Georgie talk to Clay, Adam becomes jealous.

Amy reluctantly helps Lou with her new venture. And we also feel that this season 14 will […] Amy is having trouble dealing with a roping horse that only wants to buck and Caleb, who isn't sure he wants to ride broncs anymore. Ty and Amy try to have a social life. The family rallies round after Ty is hospitalized immediately following his return home. Lou returns with a difficult choice for Georgie.
When Amy is hired to do a horse clinic with a group of inmates, Ty is surprised to discover one of them is a friend from his days at the group home. Tim starts a rodeo school and deals with a challenging student right out of the gate. When a mystery horse arrives at Heartland, Amy and Ty are sent down a path that will alter their lives.

Sisters Amy and Lou find their lives filled with challenges and rewards on the Alberta horse ranch where they live with their grandfather.

CBC Gem, le service digital de CBC au Canada, vient de mettre en ligne toutes les saisons de Heartland, incluant la nouvelle saison 13. When Lou and Peter announce their separation, Amy tries to help a devastated Georgie through the transition.

A visit from Tim's ex-girlfriend shifts his perspective on his current relationship. Publicité | Mrs. Roach's horse, Swallow, is mistakenly sent home before his fear of traffic is fully cured. Rate. Amy and Ty work to help a mare through a dangerous medical complication. CBC Gem, le service digital de CBC au Canada, vient de mettre en ligne toutes les saisons de Heartland, incluant la nouvelle saison 13. Elle fait construire dans « l’esprit Heartland » (rustique et convivial) plusieurs bungalows sur leurs terres, destinés à accueillir les randonneurs. A surprise announcement by Peter throws Lou's wedding plans into disarray, while Amy and Ty are forced to make tough decisions about their futures. Season 7 finds the Heartland family coping with major changes at the ranch and fighting for love, family and a home to always come back to. But when will Heartland’s 12th and 13th season be on Netflix? Amy attempts to help a young RCMP constable overcome a personal challenge to fulfill his lifelong dream of performing in the RCMP Musical Ride. Ty is enlisted to lend an extra hand during Jack and Tim's upcoming cattle drive, but an unexpected accident jeopardizes their entire enterprise. Jack and Georgie head off for a long-awaited fishing trip that lands them in a situation they hadn't bargained on. Error: please try again. While preparing to leave camp and return home, Ty begins to feel dizzy and collapses. On the way home, a storm rages. 7.

The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Lou reconsiders staying at Heartland when former New York colleagues arrive for an equine retreat. Following a shocking revelation, Georgie distances herself from Amy. Amy and Ty prepare to bring a new life into the world. 4. Starring: Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle. When Amy bravely tries to heal an abused and extremely violent racehorse, Ty and Jack think she's finally bitten off more than she can chew. Katie is late returning from a trail ride. Lou makes a video to advertise Heartland. As the new season begins, Amy is struggling to understand why Ty hasn't said a word about the engagement ring she discovered in his pocket.

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