If he applies Burn in the first or in the second turn (in the worst case) he is dangerous but if he doesn’t he is almost useless. Cordelia is a knight from the Hadrea Kingdom and adjutant of Marduk, a White Knight. Clarice’s ultimate restores an ally and two adjacent allies’ HP by 50%/ Clarice is a decent healer and she can be used as support if you don’t have better Heroes. Sharon is a proprietor of the Underworld bar. Chavi is a shy mage who studies at the magic Academy in the Grand Duchy of Delcart. However, Adam thwarts her attack and severs her arm with a single slash of his sword. He can prevent most injuries just by turning back the clock, which has made him reckless. Ruby is successful, however, and Cordovin allows the heroes to leave for Atlas. Her AOE skills make PVE combats much faster but other than that Laurel doesn’t have more virtues. On the rare occasion that someone was immune to her particular brand of charms, she would employ stand-ins to seal the deal. She asks Ruby about her day so far, who responds by recounting the trouble she got into involving Weiss and Blake Belladonna. Helped defeat and kill a Nevermore with team RWBY. Yang asks what happened to the previous Spring Maiden and realizes Raven killed her, which turns the discussion heated. Both Adam's and Yang's Auras broken, she throws his sword over the edge, setting Blake up to punch him under the jaw. Haspiel is rough and hot-tempered with a very prideful personality – he views Humans like nothing more than pests. Her father asks where she is going, to find her sister or her mother. His second skill delivers 120% of ATK to primary and two adjacent targets and has a 25% chance to apply Special Sauce for 3 turns. She goes to confront the other bear, but it is quickly killed by Blake in a single strike. On level 60 she gains the ability to activates Resolve when an ally (excluding Aika) takes fatal damage. Once she releases Russel, she and Blake go to find Glynda Goodwitch while Ruby, Pyrrha, and Weiss make their way to Jaune and Cardin. In the episode "Family" upon hearing that her father has not gone looking for Ruby because he has to "look after some things", Yang becomes dejected, knowing he had spoken about her. On level 60, Bonnie has a 30% chance to decrease attacker’s ATK by 30% for 2 turns when she is attacked. Months after the fall of Beacon, Yang remains at home, no longer bedridden but still very troubled and living rather idly. After the battle, Yang is impressed that Ruby froze the Leviathan. His passive ability transforms all attacks into critical strikes if the target is under the effect of Ignition.