4.1 How wildland fire threatens values 15 4.1.1 Types of wildland fire 15 4.1.2 Structural ignitions from wildland fire 15 4.1.3 Characteristics of wildland fire forest types 17 These types of properties can also act as possible safety areas for our folks if crews need to pull back and wait for the fire to pass. Chapter4 . Just as in medical triage, given the conditions, we must commit our resources to other structures and places that we think we will have a positive outcome. Remember: Structural triage is much like medical triage when it comes to deciding where to dedicate our efforts.

One of the most important things we can consider during our WUI preplanning is the need for mutual aid. More than likely, these areas will not serve as safety zones, so crews will have to get in, get their work done and get out in time to get to a safety zone or move on to the next victim. As we lay out the plans for the tactical operations for this event, it’s imperative that we make quick but well-thought-out decisions that reflect life safety issues for both responders and citizens first, followed by property conservation. In such cases, structural triage involves a rapid assessment of conditions to determine whether a structure can survive the oncoming WUI fire based on the amount of intervention given in a short period of time. ióqÙâÁI (°Â!$ªŠR÷ªx§(öÊ¡+›Öø"�ÌEÏĞr°O(.gk 3³qó²v{e]n][şrûY£VóX8µ:ÿ endstream endobj 271 0 obj << /Type /Font /Subtype /TrueType /FontDescriptor 273 0 R /BaseFont /Arial,Bold /FirstChar 30 /LastChar 255 /Widths [ 5 792 293 352 501 588 588 939 763 251 352 352 411 616 293 352 293 293 588 588 588 588 588 588 588 588 588 588 352 352 616 616 616 645 1029 763 763 763 763 704 645 821 763 293 588 763 645 880 763 821 704 821 763 704 645 763 704 996 704 704 645 352 293 352 616 588 352 588 645 588 645 588 352 645 645 293 293 588 293 939 645 645 645 645 411 588 352 645 588 821 588 588 528 411 296 411 616 792 792 792 293 588 528 1056 588 588 352 1056 704 352 1056 792 792 792 792 293 293 528 528 370 588 1056 352 1056 588 352 996 792 792 704 293 352 588 588 588 588 296 588 352 778 391 588 616 352 778 583 422 579 352 352 352 608 588 293 352 352 386 588 881 881 881 645 763 763 763 763 763 763 1056 763 704 704 704 704 293 293 293 293 763 763 821 821 821 821 821 616 821 763 763 763 763 704 704 645 588 588 588 588 588 588 939 588 588 588 588 588 293 293 293 293 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 579 645 645 645 645 645 588 645 588 ] /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding /ToUnicode 272 0 R >> endobj 272 0 obj << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 283 0 R >> stream I also noted that the best time to do this is when you have some down time or quiet time, because it allows you to work with the homeowners to mitigate any issues before an incident occurs. He started with the department in 1993 and progressed through the ranks, becoming chief of the department in 1999 as a volunteer, and the department’s first full-time chief in 2008. When a WUI fire occurs, we must keep in mind all of our preplanning. These assessments are quick, curb-side evaluations of each home and surrounding area. This may entail physically removing hazards, such as the wood piles, “stuff” that people collect around their homes or actual fuels, such as trees and/or brush that may be growing near or up against the home. As with the green category, these types of properties won’t have many issues, so they may also be considered for use as a safety zone, as firefighters may be able to ride out a blow-up without too much trouble. checklist fire officers can use when doing structure triage during a wildland fire. And these homes may need some routine patrols during or after the fire front has passed. Field data collection technology allows field users to collect structural assessment data using iPads, smartphones, or other electronic data collection devices. If we haven’t had the opportunity to preplan an area, then we have to rapidly assess the area and structures while the incident is occurring and keep firefighter safety in mind at all times. Wildland Fire Risk and Hazard Severity Assessment Form A. And although multiple actions and tasks will be occurring simultaneously—potential evacuations, structure protection, wildfire control, incident command, air operations, water supply and possible EMS—we still have to tend to other emergency calls that will be coming in. Key Preplanning Considerations Wildfire Home Assessment and Checklist We simply cannot risk harm to our firefighters if the homeowners haven’t taken responsibility for their home’s safety and survivability. These structures simply cannot be saved. À"8İdRu÷ôäa]Úğ‚,ŠÊ¤8‚iÛ‹ğU©öê=µy½;!qu—S-í…åØ}^xXıá»I£şI6¬ §jüİ�E)û‡åqªB’–G«®eMïñ?Ó6. | Clarion Events. Stay safe this fire season and make sure everyone goes home! In a recent article, I reviewed the concept of pre-incident structural triage in the wildland/urban interface (WUI) and the tasks you should complete during your assessment of the neighborhoods and structures in your area. Green category: These properties could be likened to the “walking wounded.” The homeowners have put effort into mitigating the hazards of these structures, so they will more than likely survive the event without extensive firefighting efforts or intervention. Cowger currently serves as chairman of the Montana State Fire Chief’s Association and sits on the state’s wildland policy committee, as well as the Eastern Zone Mobilization Board for the NRGC. 803 Views, By Rich Cowger, FireRescue Magazine Volume 7, Issue 6. These data are produced daily by the Wildland Fire Assessment system using information from the National Weather Service National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) and the Weather Information Management System (WIMS) to produce daily forecasts of fire potential across the continental US. He’s red carded as a structure protection specialist with a Type 2 incident management team, and is active in the Western Fire Chief’s Association, the IAFC and VCOS. However, we all know that when we preplan during down time, many of us take into consideration only the best-case scenario: early fire detection, full staffing levels, quick mutual aid, average weather conditions, etc. Given all the resources on scene, our preplanning should also include developing some sort of document that we can provide to incoming resources that includes crucial information, such as where they will be operating; communications information; special concerns for the area, such as water supplies or residents with special needs; and brief triage sheets that you’ve already completed regarding the structures in those areas. Red category: These are the immediate patients that will require some fast, effective work on our part in a short period of time. Ingress and egress ... of vegetation treatment from the structure(s) b. Historical and action research methods were employed to answer the following questions: 1. Comments Off on Structural Triage in the WUI Incident Performing this type of structural triage will help your department get a good feel for the challenges it could potentially face if and when a WUI fire ignites. What attributes of premises (i.e., land and buildings) located in the interface/intermix zone reduce firefighter safety to … in News, Wildland Training, Wildland/Urban Interface

FIRESCOPE - Guidance on Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Structure Protection - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. If we’re only prepared for the best-case scenario, we may be forced to perform structural triage as the incident is occurring—sort of like medical triage during a mass-casualty incident. In such cases, structural triage involves a rapid assessment of conditions to determine whether a structure can survive the oncoming WUI fire based on the amount of intervention given in a short period of time. Yellow category: These homes may need some attention from an engine company that includes moving flammable lawn furniture away from the property or removing a wood pile from near the structure. Access may be a little more limited, as the driveway may be long or narrow, making it difficult for apparatus to pass each other. Vehicle Malfunction Caused California Apple Fire – The Wildland Firefighter: […] Photos: California Apple Fire […]... Prison Sentence in Oregon’s Sweet Creek Fire. Remember: A WUI incident is a rapid-fire incident. Rich Cowger is chief of Columbus (Mont.) FIRESCOPE - Guidance on Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Structure Protection Triaging “Patients”

Fire Rescue, a combination department that serves a 375-square-mile area.

These homes are often built out of fire-resistive materials and landscaping, and they’ll have a good amount of survivable space around them, will be visible from the street, and feature good ingress and egress routes. With these types of homes, we can focus our efforts on simply stopping the fire from encroaching on the property, if needed. The West Region Wildfire Council works with the local fire protection districts to conduct parcel level Rapid Wildfire Risk Assessments for all identified homes within the WUI of the given fire district’s boundaries. Wildland Fire Assessment and Wildland Fire Mitigation Techniques 15. But the reality is that when a WUI incident starts, none of those conditions may be present! Posted by: 10 years and restitution     MAPLETON, Ore. (AP) — A man ... © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved. Further, these types of homes will definitely need attention. MEANS OF ACCESS 1.

This site is intended to provide the most current information on a structure assessment for wildland fire that was developed by the National Park Service's Fire and Aviation Management program. April 21, 2020 When homes are threatened, resources can get stretched thin right away. Two 2019 California Wildfires Blamed on Electrical Lines, California Church Shows Support for Firefighters with Donations, Colorado Wildfires Burn Later Than Normal, Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Town Near Rocky Mountain National Park, Power Cut in Parts of Northern California to Prevent Wildfires, Dry, Windy Weather Sparks New California Wildfire Concerns. Simply put, these homes will require too much time, effort, resources and risk to affect any positive outcome. WUI incidents always seem to happen according to Murphy’s Law—when the wind is blowing strong at mach 1, staffing levels and humidity are at their lowest, temperatures and fuel loads are at their highest, etc. All Rights Reserved. If enough resources are on hand, it may be wise to station an engine at the location to extinguish any small fires that could ignite from embers in the air. l”&Àƒ‚¤,ÍCœ�î Unlike the previous categories, with these homes, we will need to ask the question, will the amount of time and resources needed to protect this home really make a difference in its survivability?

There is no safety zone or any way for firefighters to retreat quickly if needed. Key Preplanning Considerations One of the most important things we can consider during our WUI preplanning is the need for mutual aid. On the engine operations side of things, if we look at our “patients,” or structures, during a WUI event, our training teaches us to categorize the patients in ways that allow us to better “care” for them.