We are recently retired with lots of free time and you have actually encouraged us to get into the kitchen together and make a few things. Because gluten affects the texture of the flour, whole wheat pastry flour is lighter as compared to whole wheat flour. So, are whole-wheat and white whole-wheat flour interchangeable? Let’s see what’s involved in substituting whole wheat flour in your pancakes, muffins, quick breads, scones, and biscuits. So you decide to add whole wheat flour to their favorite baked treats — but you’re hesitant to just exchange whole wheat for white flour willy-nilly. Proteins In Wheat And Buckwheat . For more information: Cake and cupcakes: from white to wheat, a baker's guide. I grind my own wheat. In reply to Hi, thank you for this… by Ankita (not verified). Angel food cake, though I confess I didn’t test it. Sprouted grain bread is made from whole grains that have begun to germinate. Definitions Whole wheat flower. These include (2): When the entire kernel is used, a manufacturer can legally use the term whole grain or whole wheat depending on the type of grain used (3). Sign up for our newsletter to get comparisons delivered to your inbox. Cookies, brownies, and bars: from white to wheat, a baker's guide, Cake and cupcakes: from white to wheat, a baker's guide. Contrary to popular belief, whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour are far from being alike. Firstly, whole wheat flour is produced by grinding or mashing red wheat or wheat berry, while whole wheat pastry flour is derived from the finest soft wheat berry. I assume stretchy dough like pizza would benefit but what about cookies? Delicate pastries like brownies, muffins, cookies and pie crusts, on the other hand, should be baked with whole wheat pastry flour since they require a lower protein content. Essentially, all whole wheat products are whole grain, but not all whole grain products are whole wheat. So do I understand that somehow if I grind too finely, I did something to the gluten? So I’ll put it aside for later until I hear back. In some cases your bread, cake, or cookies may look a little darker. The purpose of adding gluten is to bolster the gluten that will already be created by mixing the flour in the recipe with liquid. Let’s look at the difference between Whole Wheat and All-Purpose flours. Happy baking! Any issues? Wheat flour, on the other hand, is super versatile. 14 Healthy Whole-Grain Foods (Including Gluten-Free Options), 9 Health Benefits of Eating Oats and Oatmeal, 8 Gluten-Free Grains That Are Super Healthy, 7 Great Reasons to Add Sprouted Grain Bread to Your Diet, Whole Grain Labels Are So Confusing People Are Picking Less Healthy Options, Wheat 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Effects, The entire kernel of any cereal grain, such as amaranth, barley, corn, millet, quinoa, rice, rye, sorghum, teff, triticale, and wheat, Mostly the endosperm portion of the grain kernel; the germ and bran have been removed, Contains more than one type of grain but may be refined (i.e., doesn’t include the entire kernel of each grain), Made from albino wheat, which imparts a white appearance, and contains the entire wheat kernel, Made with wheat flour but doesn’t contain all three parts of the wheat kernel. If you try you will have to judge by the feel of the dough in case you might need to use a little more to get the right consistency.