I didn't even go to college." The tears filled my eyes and spilled down my cheeks. The Morning After: Mobile video service Quibi launches today, Music streaming subscriptions grew by nearly a third in 2019, Apple TV Channels offers free Epix until May 2nd without signing up, AMC's free streaming TV includes 'The Walking Dead' and 'MST3K', iPhone 12 teardown reveals how 5G has changed things, What we bought: Our favorite USB-C chargers, Inside Indonesia's fight to save its most important soil, Spider-Man is coming to the PlayStation version of 'Marvel's Avengers', A massive spam attack is ruining public 'Among Us' games, showrunner/executive producer Bill Wolff departed. How did you get the courage to write about that? The first season of Chelsea streamed 90 episodes, but it failed to catch on, and showrunner/executive producer Bill Wolff departed, a bit mysteriously, after just nine episodes. But the show, Chelsea, took nearly two years to launch, and after just two seasons, Netflix pulled the plug. “No. I said, "Wait a second. Chelsea Handler: Yeah. That's the best change that I've been able to make in my life. Vote411.org provides comprehensive, nonpartisan election information including election dates, registration requirements and deadlines, polling locations, candidate information, and online voters' guides. "For those reasons, I've decided not to return for another season of 'Chelsea' and instead devote as much time as I can to becoming a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen and to focus on projects that have significance to me. I was working on a show called Girls Behaving Badly, a hidden camera show on Oxygen. Here are some of the best bites from their hourlong conversation, which can be found on The Carlos Watson Show podcast feed. I would have never imagined that I would have written six New York Times best-selling books. Store @Chelseahandler ; Follow; In a democracy, voting is one of the most powerful ways to use your voice. You know if you abuse an album and listen to it too many times, you’re going to get sick of it, but part of me always thinks, “Because I usually upend their lives in some irreparable way — like I come in and out, and I don’t take them seriously, and just want to have fun — and then, when they get serious, I just want to do anything that will make them feel better, so I usually just give them money.”, “Yeah, I know you probably think we do, but IAM.” I may have winked at Dan when I said this, but I hope I didn’t. In a recent interview with CNN's Brian Stelter, Handler said her talk show had changed "a lot" as a result of the Trump presidency. “In my history of doing stand-up, I've never been this disciplined, this focused, and this sober,” says Handler, 45. “I mean, I’m not sober. However we still could not see this come through in her face which would be very weird for her. Adap, It’s been four long (very long) years since former President Barack Obama left the White House, and the chaotic administration that succeeded him has mad, “I’m feeling a lot of things about borders,” Fariha Róisín told me.