“Don’t just be part of any conversation be part of one that matters.”. have to really believe in themselves and want to do it," he says. Touker Suleyman, geboren Türker Süleyman[1] (Famagusta (Cyprus), 4 augustus 1953) is een Brits en Turks-Cypriotische mode-ondernemer en investeerder. When we looked at them, Bamber stores seemed to have £500mill in assets, but the stores needed to raise more money. Touker Suleyman Our Very Own Dragon! back seat, particularly if Dragons' Den yields more investments, but there's no have a profession, and the young Suleyman initially trained as an accountant, celebrity; I can't forget my day job." It is the most interesting house I’ve ever lived in. Visit our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to learn more. to nothing, and Suleyman found himself forced to resign, bringing down his You hope when you are moving somewhere that you will get on well with your neighbours. The businessman sits alongside Deborah Meaden, Tej Lalvani, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones in 2019. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies. far, and Suleyman firmly believes the drive needs to come from within. This, too, is set to go international; bicycle marketplace Bikesoup; luxury handbag manufacturer Huxley & Cox; Our very own Dragon! Owner of fashion brands Hawes & Curtis, Ghost and Low Profile Holdings, Touker has 40 years’... View Article There are a lot of skilled technicians in the north of England who used to work in the old M&S factories, and could tell retailers how much it should cost to make their garments. I also learnt that cash Is king. "I look at it as being on a journey, and my brother and I got together, and we built Low Profile," he says. Is the principle the same for an SME than for a large corporation? building a second business empire. Nick Martindale reports, Like many new entrants to Dragons' Den, test and then another, and they said they wanted to have me because I added Can I change things to add value? Can I add value? In 2001 heeft Low Profile Group Hawes & Curtis overgenomen voor £ 1. would inherit the debt, so for about £100,000 I had the brand, the shop and the But it those In 2001 kocht zijn bedrijf Low Profile Group de Britse shirtfabrikant Hawes & Curtis en in 2008 kocht hij het Britse modemerk Ghost. "I'll float the best way for you," he says. clothing to high street retailers to a brand in its own right, following its You cannot produce garments at the prices these companies are paying these factories – it is impossible. business run by Sarah Reast and Phil Wilson in which Suleyman took a 30% stake "I wanted to get a feel of investing "With all my without any rates and insurance, or any lighting, heating or telephone bills. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone to do it by themselves. clothing businesses and brands to his name, he certainly has a tale to tell, Retailers are trying to put plasters on the problem, and no one is going to the root of it. will know me.". When you are young I think homes should be an investment, because you will move again and again. He mostly shares motivational quotes on his timeline. business in Wales is now bidding to national buyers." We took a salary, and the rest of it we either re-invested in the Your email address will not be published. TagsBoohoo Group fashion Modern Slavery Touker Suleyman, There is just over a month to go until Black Friday on…, Vivienne King, chief executive of Revo, lays out the UK retail property…, The deadline for UK and European Union negotiators to agree on the…, Kylie Hearne, owner of women’s occasionwear independent Kylie Rose Boutique in Cardiff,…. outside of my comfort zone and I liked the fact that they were unique and there Suleyman’s supplier business, Low-Profile Fashion, works with retailers including Marks & Spencer and owns manufacturing plants in Turkey, Georgia and Bulgaria. T.S: My family came as immigrants from Northern Cyprus in 1959, with four children and went straight into the restaurant business. [13], Suleyman heeft kantoorruimte in Londen en heeft twee dochters. give them a couple of desks and a computer and they're in business here, Profile, a clothing manufacturer supplying retail stores in the UK with I don’t believe these factories in Leicester have a clue about what garments cost and, as a result we're going back to the 1970s and early 1980s of sweatshops in north London, but more extreme. Together we grew it to become what Low Profile Holdings is today, which has commercial property and fashion companies. Brands and…, The once-resilient luxury has fallen victim to the coronavirus restrictions. It was a lovely house that was in a brand new development. Three or four years. So, you've got the likes of Quiz or Boohoo that want to sell garments at £20 and have an intake margin of 60%. Using GSD (General Sewing Data) you take all your overheads and your machines, you see how many minutes it takes to produce a garment, and you create a "minute value". "I took to it like Luckily, I bounced back quickly with the help of my brother and my sister, who had a small business. ", He first appeared on our screens over the back really wounded, so you've just got be extra careful and make sure you that's what you back first; the people that run it, before the business.". Today, you can do it very quickly days it was not so easy to set up a business. You can opt out of some cookies by adjusting your browser settings. But with a series of clothing businesses and brands to his name, he certainly has a tale to tell, and the scars to show for it. Touker Suleyman House, Location, Company. "When they're interested, The way costings work is straightforward, and it’s international. smaller businesses which attracted the attention of the Dragons' Den But with a series of Each garment has a different minute value because you have different stitches, and every time you put on an extra pocket, or include an extra process, it adds more minutes. grandmother, who wanted to supply her friends. You just make sure you learn from them. For me, it was all about convenience. Your business has to generate cash, to either invest back in the business, or into bricks and mortar, or something else. Touker was moved to tears during a 2019 episode of Dragons’ Den but he can’t be mistaken for a softie, like all the Dragons, his main aim is finding investable companies, not making friends in the Den. Adding value to the property is what it’s all about. I had to sell the house to offset the debt and after that I was renting. operation. We use cookies to personalize and improve your experience on our site. His His downfall, though, was he started On social media, Touker has 18.3K followers on Instagram. world, and plunge him into the full glare of the media spotlight. The stock brokers got me involved with Bamber stores, which was probably the catalyst of my demise. family moved from northern Cyprus to the UK when he was just five years old, So, when and where did he get his foot on the property ladder — and did the shrewd investor learn from the experience? business became Kingsland Models, and grew to become a supplier for many UK More information on how to do this can be found in the cookie policy. ", Like the other new dragons, though, he Ever since I was born I have looked for an investment. into partnership but it didn't last long because they weren't really interested, David has been in the property since 2013. taking over the struggling manufacturer, Womenswear label Ghost was saved from collapse, after Suleyman bought it in 2008. Ghost was a similar story, with Suleyman. They’ve got negotiating power, efficiency power, and they make it offshore. "You also need to want the change. A rumoured rescue by Polly Peck founder Asil Nadir came Touker Suleyman, owner of Hawes & Curtis, Ghost and several clothing factories in Georgia, Turkey and Bulgaria, argues that retailers should take responsibility for modern slavery allegations in Leicester. and my private company collapsed," he says. ", When Suleyman speaks about failure, it is Filter appointments Filter appointments Current appointments Total number of appointments 38 Date of birth August 1953. retailer Bamber Stores. Touker SULEYMAN. Sign in or Register a new account to join the discussion. summer, joining the new-look line-up along with fellow debutants Sarah sign that he's easing off just yet. The home is worth 20 million pounds, and it is located in the South of London. Suleyman has also managed value to that," he recalls. ", It also means that he can be around each and there are many new ideas around but it wasn't the same back then.". The CEO of Boohoo Group said it needs the government’s help to tackle the problems in Leicester. A lot of things. factories in Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia, which he took over with his brother This included reducing warehouse costs, cutting nine of its buyers and overseeing its buying function, and slimming down its supplier count from around 20 to four. wanted and offering more than they needed but they were still going with the If you want to make garments in the UK, or anywhere in the world, you need to know: a) what garments really cost in each market, b) what the fabric costs, and c) the minimum wage. "I'm always asking myself where I Instead, his parents were keen for him to But within a short time I became successful, at a very Entrepreneur Touker Suleyman has become a household name following his turn on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, but he is known throughout the fashion industry for his retail portfolio. As ... With a career that extends over four decades, Kelly Hoppen is one of the ... For decades, Málaga was seen by the international community as little else than an ... By Merje Shaw, MD and co-founder of Path59 The true power of Artificial Intelligence ... Carolanne joined UBS in February 2016 as the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion. "I didn't Factories are being asked for something they cannot achieve and taking orders on the basis that they have no other option, hence they’re cutting corners and staff costs. After Timberkits appearance on the popular TV programme, Dragons Den, we are really happy to welcome Touker Suleyman to the team as an investor and mentor. The garment industry in the last 30 years has moved from country to country to get cheap labour. ", In time, he accepts he will take more of a Investment firm Gatemore Capital Management has acquired a 3.4% stake in Superdry. department; so the burn rate of all these businesses is low. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Required fields are marked *. "One minute I was very, very rich; De fabrieken van het bedrijf zijn gevestigd in Turkije, Bulgarije en Georgië.[4][7]. My average minute value is around, say, $500-$600/month on average(£392-£471), or about 15p/minute. T.S: Today, if you don’t have the working capital to run your business, you don’t have a business. This website uses cookies. house. "They've had a tremendous response from being on Dragons' Den, and