Read on to find our top 10 picks. But he defended the decision not to implement the tighter restrictions seen in Denmark, France and the UK. The death toll in Sweden is higher than those in the Scandinavian region of Europe, which also includes Denmark and Norway — countries with smaller populations — but it falls significantly below those of Italy, Spain, and the UK, Bloomberg News reported. “It’s the Swedish trust in government,” says Linus Bohman, 28. An earlier version misnamed Linus Bohman, who is quoted in the piece, as Elias Billman. “I wouldn’t be too surprised if it ended up about the same way for all of us, irrespective of what we’re doing,” he says. “We’re not in quarantine. The best explanation for why Sweden is such an outlier centres on the unusual level of independence given to government agencies such as Tegnell’s, and the reluctance of politicians to override them. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. But if you develop symptoms, you can still go back to work or school just two days after you are ‘symptom-free’ . It’s not a peer-reviewed paper. The nightlife in Sweden's third-largest city rivals that of Stockholm and Göteborg. How many lives are they willing to sacrifice so as not to lockdown and risk greater effects on the economy? The restaurant menu is all delicious grilled fare, and the bartenders are happy to suggest and mix your cocktails as you wish. Plush, grand, hip, or with a view, as a visitor, you’re spoilt for choice. He points out that Sweden has almost no households where the over-70s live with younger adults and children. Sweden's government has faced growing criticism, both internationally and at home, for its approach to slowing the spread of coronavirus, with schools, bars and restaurants still remaining open. Health officials in Sweden say the country's relatively relaxed COVID-19 prevention and mitigation strategies may be working to flatten the cure of new COVID-19 infections. We are seeing the same pattern for patients in intensive care," Wisell said. Now they have to be seated and served at a table. Dance under the midnight sun, pull a Shirley Temple on the grand staircase, or join those mingling at the bars inside. "We're on a sort of plateau," Anders Tegnell, Sweden's top state epidemiologist who designed the nation's COVID-19 strategy, told Swedish news outlet TT, Bloomberg News reported Sunday. Experts say the strategy might be working. All its neighbours have shut up shop to beat coronavirus but the Swedes insist ‘we are not in quarantine’. It's urging citizens to stay at home if they feel ill, but allowing bars and restaurants to stay open. Last modified on Wed 1 Jul 2020 13.01 EDT. Opening hours: Mon & Tues 5pm – 12am; Wed – Sat 5pm – 1am; Sun 5pm – 12am, Bergsunds strand 38, 117 38 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 669 31 31. “It is also a question of commonsense behaviour.”, Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s state epidemiologist, believes it is counterproductive to bring in the tightest restrictions at too early a stage. More than 2,000 Swedish university researchers published a joint letter on Wednesday questioning the Public Health Agency’s position, while the previous week saw leading epidemiologists attack the agency in emails leaked to Swedish television. Sweden left schools, bars, restaurants, and gyms open during the coronavirus pandemic. Karin Tegmark Wisell, head of the microbiology department at Sweden's Public Health Authority, on Friday also said the number of COVID-19 cases in the country appears to be "stabilizing," according to the report. Schools for pupils up to 16 years, kindergartens, bars, restaurants, ski resorts, sports clubs, hairdressers: all remain open, weeks after everything closed down in … “They think Imperial chose a number of variables that gave a prognosis that was quite pessimistic, and that you could just as easily have chosen other variables that gave you another outcome. While every other country in Europe has been ordered into ever more stringent coronavirus lockdown, Sweden has remained the exception. "The trend we have seen in recent days, with a more flat curve — where we have many new cases, but not a daily increase — is stabilizing. Tegnell argues that because in Sweden there are almost no stay-at-home parents, closing schools would have knocked out at least a quarter of doctors and nurses, crippling the health service. As Business Insider previously noted, the country's actions are in contrast to those of neighboring Denmark, which put its citizens on a mandatory lockdown order before any reported deaths from the disease had been reported in the country. While other countries, cities, and states around the globe enacted strict social distancing rules that closed businesses and ordered residents to stay home,  Sweden took a different approach to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping businesses and schools open. There is criticism, however. 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Following weeks of various lockdown measures, Americans in the US have begun to protests stay-at-home orders, calling on leaders to relax social distancing measures in the US and allow businesses to re-open to stimulate the economy. Travelers looking for a party will be pleased with Malmo's plentiful offering of Swedish pubs, karaoke bars, and dance clubs. Open seven nights a week, you can dance until the wee hours to techno, house, hip hop, and much more, all depending on the night. And as soon as we hear from our government that we have to stay in, like you do in Britain, then we will do it.”, “But not,” Bohman adds, “if Boris Johnson says it.”. Sweden never went into full lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. Sweden had shunned lockdown during the first wave of Covid-19 Credit: AFP - Getty. As he announced the tighter restrictions on Friday, the prime minister, Stefan Löfven, warned that the coming weeks and months would be tough. There are eight different themes at any one time; some of the current highlights include the Moulin Rouge and the Orient Express. “They’re listening to the health department; they’re listening to the experts they have on hand.”. Named after the owner’s grandparents, it now caters to the younger crowd, for the most part, and serves a range of dishes as well as drinks. Tegnell even questions whether stopping the progress of the virus is desirable. Customers are told to observe social distancing. Restaurants, bars and shops stayed open in the spring as many countries shut down their economy - … Catering to a hip and stylish crowd, Hotellet’s list of classic cocktails is a draw for Stockholm’s young and trendy elite. According to Johns Hopkins University, Sweeden has reported 14,385 cases of COVID-19 and experienced 1,540 resulting deaths. (Connor Perrett) 4/19/2020 “We have had a fair amount of people looking at it and they are sceptical,” says Tegnell. By pushing children out into society, it might even have increased the threat to the elderly, particularly if they were called upon to babysit. Experts say the strategy might be working. But Sweden is going it alone -- one of the last European countries to avoid a lockdown. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". According to Bloomberg News, some analysts believe that in refusing to close down businesses, the Swedish economy could have an easier time rebounding than countries that have shuttered businesses completely. Denmark has experienced 7,580 reported cases of novel coronavirus infections and 355 deaths, according to data from Hopkins, though the population of Sweden stands at about double than that of Denmark, according to Eurostat. Crowded streets and children playing outdoors. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Universities and upper secondary schools have been closed, and on Friday, the government tightened the ban on events to limit them to no more than 50 people. It’s often crowded, so be sure to get there early for a table, and then slowly head downstairs to the dancing. The DJs at Judit & Bertil are quite popular, as they play a mix of eclectic EDM and hip-hop music, current Swedish favourites.