SPH Digital News / Copyright © 2020 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Co. Regn. Just remember to keep your hall passes locked away or you'll be the one staying after school for detention. The education career is present in The Sims 4: Discover University. No more polishing apples for the rest of the staff, because you're now an Elementary School Teacher! Education is one of the careers available in The Sims 2: Pets (console). As the only private university recognized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to award its own degrees, UniSIM caters to the tertiary education and lifelong learning needs of working adults. She was awarded an M.A from Stanford University in 2009. Learn while you teach and teach what you learn! Who should she send? As a Playground Monitor you have an important job observing recess and saving the pupils from sticky slides and painful bruises after ill-fated games of tag. With your friends and brow in high places, you just might get the right strings pulled. Sim also holds a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Translation and Interpretation from Nanyang Technological University, which she completed in 2005. You'll need to be witty and charismatic to succeed. The Sims Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Checkmate! They also get $541/hour. You've moved to the head of the class, or more correctly, Department Head! Can you believe they promoted you? Got the flu? The institution has 19,000 students with about 20% being full-time international students from over 40 countries. doesn't want to be criticized for a lack of school spirit, but he/she would also like to keep progressing as an educator. The Singapore Institute of Management has four campuses across the west side of Singapore, making it the largest private education campus. As Vice-Chancellor, you're the deputy to the University's Chancellor. The Minister of Education will eventually change careers and become a President in the Business career track. No more dangling participles or repeating decimals for you! [citation needed], With the added incentive of a MOE subsidy of up to 40% for its students introduced in 2008, UniSIM has seen a substantial jump in its enrolment. Your ability to control unruly children on the playground has not gone unnoticed. Who knew molding the minds of tomorrow would be quite so difficult—and why is there gum everywhere?! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sure, other jobs may pay more but you have the satisfaction of nourishing young minds with important facts and figures. No. It's one thing to be spirited on a normal day with face paint and a crazy outfit, and another thing when paint and a crazy outfit may cost a teacher dearly for not taking evaluations seriously. You're the Substitute Teacher—the stand in when the regular teacher is out. As the Head Chancellor for your University, you stand for and represent everything that the school is, was, and can be. As a middle school teacher, you will have to balance your lesson plans carefully with so many topics to teach! Not a lot of people respect you yet, you're not part of the tenured staff, and it's clear you have nearly as much to learn as the students themselves. Now it's time for a little "schooling!" Valued immensely by your employer and those you teach, it seems as if you've reached the peak of your career. Come to work at a normal hour! It serves as the primary location for membership activities as well as short-term training workshops and seminars. Teach off of lessons plans you didn't create, figure out when students are attempting to get away with shenanigans, and maintain the general order of the classroom. You'll need to teach craft classes and help with lunchtime snacks, so remember to work on the appropriate skills. As a Student Services Officer you'll be supporting admissions, helping to organize student events, and doing basic administration work—which includes keeping all of the course information updated. Now let's see how you do in the classroom. Choose wisely and work toward a better educated society. This is it—what you've worked for your entire career... a prized position as a Tenured Professor. You're the newest instructor at the University. Should offer The Big Kids a delicious tray of fresh orange wedges to distract them from the younger kids, or should he/she stand up to them with detention slips at the ready? In this role, you administrate all work regarding prospective students and the University's recruitment efforts. the mother yells at . SIM Global Education (SIM GE) a private education institute. From art and crafts to mathematics, you fill your students' heads with worldly knowledge. Interesting job... You're that cool teacher that all the students seem to like, but your popularity alone won't prepare them for college. Should say he/she is pro-control or pro-natural weather? You do! Patience will determine how well you do. SIM has announced a Master Plan to further expand its Clementi campus at a platform topping up ceremony on October 9, 2009. Grab your clipboard and your whistle and prepare for some outdoor fun! The Singapore Institute of Management (abbreviation: SIM; Simplified Chinese: 新加坡管理学院; Traditional Chinese: 新加坡管理學院) is a provider of private tertiary education and professional training in Singapore. is called to substitute for Ms. Moorington, who has won the Teacher of the Year Award for the past 3 years. The Big Kids enter the playground just after their lunch with a sweet tooth for bullying. While you won't exactly be molding the minds of tomorrow, at least you can control them on the playground. The country is not happy with test scores for children in neighborhoods throughout the country. There are only two ways to deal with a fraternity this misbehaved: Kick the charter off campus, or pay a sorority to sabotage their social status. What should he/she do? You're who all of the other teachers come to when they need advice, your students respect you, and you have your lesson plans down. The majority of SIM programmes and student activities are held there. Secretary proposes to the government a new curriculum of educational video games. 220 carpark lots are available at the basement and other surface car parks in SIM HQ Campus. The other teachers also elected you to be chess team coach. Teachers like you are the backbone of the school, and everyone knows it. Sure, you need to be smart… be just smarter than high school teachers, which isn't hard. To advance in education, Sims must build both charisma and logic. You made it! Ms. Moorington has a lot of power with the school board, making it risky for to reveal the conspiracy. A school Principal is in charge of nearly all the important decision making, from school schedules to scheduled raises. The budget only allows for one of the two games. [citation needed], The extended campus will cater primarily to the growing needs of the SIM University (UniSIM). Welcome to the world of school administration where you'll assist the principal with creating regulations and enforcing disciplinary action... for both the students and staff! Among the total, 18.8 per cent of graduates were doing flexible work such as freelance, part-time or contract basis jobs. The presentation moves along at a fine pace, with facts and opinions from both sides of the argument being presented. It's a lot to juggle all at once, but manage your time and duties well, and you might start moving up the academic collegiate chain. They've noticed that you're exceptionally skilled at transferring information into the minds of your students. You know you're a High School Teacher when the students drive better cars than you, but at least you have the satisfaction of helping pupils learn many of the necessary skills in life. SIM Professional Development programmes train more than 14,000 professionals annually through its 800 seminars, workshops and conferences. Each of your classes fills up early as everyone struggles to get a spot under your tutelage. Their success is your success, so keep them inspired. It includes 20 lecture theatres, function/seminar rooms, computer laboratories, a members' lounge, cafeteria, business center, bookshop, and library. Enthusiasm and care will win the day. The median gross monthly salary of SIM graduates in 2015 and 2016 were at $2,700. He/She must act quickly with the tools at his/her disposal. has had enough! With the pleading mother on her knees before him/her, is faced with the choice of turning in the role sheet as is, or fudging it a bit to give the young boy just one more chance. Writing your name in chalk and dodging spitballs with ease are two skills at the top of your resume. Keep engaging students while delivering solid results and the University is bound to bring you on as an official professor soon. Biology, geography and music. When the faculty is out for a bout, they rely on you to take over. The young men have a tendency to conduct pranks on facility members, throw obnoxious parties, and crash the homecoming parade every year with unnecessary fireworks and gaudy rock music. [1] The institute offers both full-time and part-time programmes. Coordinates: 1°19′33″N 103°47′59″E / 1.32583°N 103.79972°E / 1.32583; 103.79972. SIM is a leading private education and lifelong learning institution in Singapore. A bit intimidated, takes a deep breath and arrives in the classroom to find its inhabitants have gone insane! It makes sense given the accolades you've received over the years. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. Union leaders are watching you now, so put on your thinking cap, play along with their so-called "educational reform," and you'll go far. The college majors associated with this career are Biology and Psychology. Both are top notch and cutting edge for the elementary scientific community, but can only send one student. Sim was educated in Raffles Girls' School and Hwa Chong Junior College, before being awarded a President's Scholarship to study at Exeter College, Oxford University, where she completed a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) in 1997. Its in-company training and consultancy services help companies optimize effectiveness in management and human resource development fields. Before you rule the classroom, you'll have to rule the playground. Pretty good for an ex-playground monitor, but if you're truly ambitious, keep researching that "illogical creative rationality" theory. You don't have your own classroom yet, but at least you're. The education career is the only new career in The Sims 3: Ambitions that follows the old career track format. It will render an additional 56,000 square meters of space, more than double its current campus, thus consolidating its position as the largest private tertiary institution in Singapore, both in terms of total campus size and student enrolment. The SIM Management House at 41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616. Teaching is a stressful job that requires a lot of grunt work, and you're just the grunt to do it. .oh my! Tenure - as long as you show up, you'll never get fired. Both choices are rather extreme, though desperate times call for desperate measures. Ideally, he/she proposes, children can learn and have fun at the same time. You oversee the university's interests on a day-to-day basis, taking on any responsibilities the Chancellor is too busy to handle and overseeing a good chunk of the research being done. Flustered, the mother reveals that if her child is tardy once more, he'll have to repeat the third grade and it just isn't right, because it's her fault he's always late. "Stop right there!" This is the only career without an associated Lifetime Wish. Offering over 40 programmes from four schools, its graduate and post-graduate degree programmes offered through a flexible mode of study are used by working adults who are looking for higher qualifications, career advancement or self-fulfillment. The regents have determined your strength lies in management instead. From the classroom to the boardroom, you have the skills necessary to oversee all the schools under your supervision. What should do? knows the younger kids don't stand a chance, as there aren't enough slides and tunnels in which to hide!