Most critically, women who are unable to parent their infants have to be able to relinquish custody of their infants in ways that prevent them from being criminally charged with abandonment. Giving parents the time to be certain about their decision to give their child up for adoption is really big! Since April 2016, when the first box was installed, there have been no dead abandoned infants in the state of …

First, we hope you can see from our post that we believe adoption is a better option than Safe Haven Placement- when it’s possible.

Realistically, it is virtually impossible to ask for and expect to adopt one of these children unless you are already approved and registered with a participating Adoption Agency that receives a “Safe Haven” baby.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes has referred over 500 women to crisis pregnancy centers, assisted in 6 adoption referrals, and have had 79 legal Safe Haven surrenders. Your voice is incredibly critical to organizations like ours, and learning more from you is so helpful.
Because they were left in unsafe places, many of them died.
Ultimately, we all want children to be safe. In the 1990s, there was a surge in the number of babies being abandoned by their birth parents. 10 Important Rights You Have When Giving Up a Baby for Adoption, Giving Up a Baby for Adoption and Positive Adoption Language. I think that adoption is a far better choice because all the people that were adopted that I know never went searching for their parents, so the mother doesn’t need to worry about that and if you give your child up for adoption you can decide if they are fit to raise your child and you can even leave the child with a gift, a sense of their past identity like how my parents did for me with a little angle doll that signed when squeezed with a note. I’ll be sure to mention to my sister that she needs to find a good agency to work with. I am a foster mom and I would love to be a safe haven adoptive mother.

She receive no counseling no crisis info hotline nothing. She was scared traumatized and has pain meds from delivery in her system when asked what her plan was , she expressed maybe adoption but wasn’t sure, she wasn’t explain anything and the next morning was released from hospital thinking her baby was going to be up for adoption.

When Safe Haven laws became more popular, they saved the lives of many infants. Safe Haven Laws: The Important Differences. When you think about it there are two child abandonment laws, one where you could get 5 years in jail or one where literally nothing is said or done to you, you can choose, it’s just a matter of how close you get to a hospital, fire station, or police department. This means that you can choose the adoptive family you want to raise your child and that you can determine what kind of adoption relationship you’d like to have with your child’s family, whether that means yearly letter-and-picture updates, in-person meetings, or other arrangements. Safe Haven Laws allow parents to leave an infant at a designated location – usually a hospital, police station, or fire station – and as long as the baby has not been harmed, the parent will not be punished for leaving them. Can You Put a Baby Up for Adoption After Birth? Again, thank you so, so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences as an adoptee.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Also every time I look up the laws for the Safe Haven laws, I never see anything about father rights. And adoption agency’s job is to help support you and help make a plan that’s right for your family. he knows some but not all. Proponents of the laws hoped that they would encourage birth parents who felt they couldn’t care for their children to leave them in a place where the baby could be found and cared for, instead of abandoning them unsafely where they might not be found. Although Safe Haven laws aren’t perfect, they’re still really important because they exist to protect women and infants who may be at immediate risk of abuse and neglect.