The Rooster Teeth dumpster fire burns on. Some are claiming he knew full well about the Ryan Haywood situation and said/did nothing. Burnie Burns left shortly after. There's a business owner downstairs with an AK-47, no one is giving him any problems about it including the cops. On June 1, he tweeted, "I was 'laid off' after making 10s of millions (for others). "We are committed to equality. Hello Kitty Cosplaying as a Kaiju! On his site he elaborated further, "[A]s I set out on this new journey with my family and two cats at my side, that means my time walking the halls here at Rooster Teeth has come to an end. We’re getting DANGEROUSLY close to some non-democratic countries here, people. On June 11, Burnie, another co-founder of Rooster Teeth, announced on Twitter that he was leaving the company as well. When he was asked by someone how he still existed at Rooster Teeth on May 30, he simply replied, "I don't. According to a Reddit thread about Joel's departure, many commenters noted that Joel had been an "asshole" for quite some time. But, it's a long deal." Disneyland DISASTER! Praise THE PARTY?! CLOWNFISH TV CHANNELS – Just how brutal will those layoffs wind up being? "Remember: only those with the government should have guns," "Hopefully we can all be united together again when the Chinese invade," "If we don't get massive covid outbreaks in three weeks, then at least that crisis will be considered over. Ironically, Disneyland is closed indefinitely so the promotion really doesn’t matter much anyway… CLOWNFISH TV CHANNELS – Clownfish TV (Geek Commentary) […], Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train is DESTROYING nearly all records for a movie release in Japan. Sinking ROOSTER TEETH Teams with Other YouTubers… But WHY Would You?! Everyone is going to hate me for this but, where I'm @ the business owners showing force with guns r left untouched. Rooster Teeth Co-Founder Joel Heyman, best known for voicing the hyperactive Bartholomew Oobleck in RWBY and the comically incompetent Blue team member Caboose in the Red vs Blue web series, recently stated in a Twitter interaction with a fan that he no longer ‘existed’ at the company, later stating that the reason for his departure was due to being “laid off.” Demon Slayer Movie SMASHES Box Office and Makes Hollywood Look EXTRA SAD! This is NOT the news Disney wanted to hear from California Governor Newsom, as Disneyland being closed is costing Anaheim MILLIONS of dollars per day. Yet no one from Lucasfilm seems to be making any kind of official statement. When I started I had no healthcare, 401k or salary. WarnerMedia Has DISMAL Q3! The rumors have been circulating for months what happened to Joel, but not it's official.". Another day, another round of Rooster Teeth allegations. Cofounded in 2003 by Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Jason Saldaña, Gus Sorola, and Joel Heyman, Rooster Teeth went from operating out of a bedroom to become a pioneer in online … People are jumping ship and all of Rooster Teeth’s own YouTube channel numbers are dropping off a cliff. I would say don't shoot the messenger, but I think the guys doing drive by's down my street feel more real. In 2016, a former employee had spoken up about the racism she endured at Rooster Teeth. He also expressed his support for business owners to arm themselves with guns. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Hosted by Kneon and Geeky Sparkles. PewDiePie SHADOWBANNED but YouTube DENIES It?! Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, James Gunn and even Josh Gad got some major heat from toxic Twitter users. Newsom BLOCKS Disney Theme Park Reopening INDEFINITELY?! ► D-REZZED – They don't put movie posters outside anymore. Joel has stated he's not exactly the best of friends with RT. "Here's to new adventures:" Beyond the scandal, why WOULD an independent YouTuber team with Rooster Teeth at this point? Disney Defenders Seem to Forget that Sony Actually Made Good Spider-Man... Kaiju Kitty! On June 11, Burnie, another co-founder of Rooster Teeth, announced on Twitter that he was leaving the company as well. I mean, in my circle of friends. A little over a week ago, Ryan Haywood announced his departure from the company, saying that he had made "mistakes" (it's been rumored that he sent around nudes of himself and cheated on his wife with with fans). "Here's to new adventures:" No one should be FORCED to […], Rumors of Pedro Pascal’s rumored exit from The Mandalorian aren’t sitting well with the media, who think it’s absolutely impossible he’d do such a thing. Star Wars: GALAXY’S EDGE VR Game is a “Crummy Commercial” for CLOSED Disneyland! Clownfish Animation (Art and Animation) –, Follow Clownfish TV on Social Media – Clownfish TV en Español (Spanish Dub) – Rooster Teeth Co-Founder Geoff Ramsey has issued a response to the accusations of sexual misconduct that have been leveled against him in the wake of the company’s underage grooming scandal involving Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood. Meanwhile, a FUNimation voice actor Chris Thurman admits to sending naughty pics to underaged individuals. As some of you have predicted over the past year, my steady move away from a public life was in preparation for this change," he wrote. CLOWNFISH TV CHANNELS – Clownfish TV (Geek Commentary) – Clownfish TV […], Chris Pratt’s Marvel co-stars are defending his choice to keep his politics to himself, and Twitter is SAVAGING them for it. So...what happened, exactly? Those who aren't are knocked unconscious then all their stuff gets taken. Hollywood DISASTER: Quibi SHUT DOWN After Six Months! Clownfish TV (Geek Commentary) – This time they’re coming for co-founder Geoff Ramsey, who felt he had to issue a public statement on an incident from a few years ago. At least for me. Basically, instead of highlighting the real issue at hand (racial injustice and police brutality), Joel sent out a litany of tweets that mostly focused on how people involved in protests (some of which did escalate to violence) were destroying cities, that they were spreading COVID-19, and that the messaging behind them would help re-elect Trump. Clownfish TV Gaming (Video Games) – They've literally left him out of all mentions of the founders for quite a while. Is this […], PewDiePie was seemingly “shadowbanned” on YouTube yesterday, but YouTube vehemently denies it, stating on Twitter that they don’t do that. Multiple YouTubers including Keemstar and TheQuartering called it out, and even mainstream news outlets like Newsweek covered it. ► TWITTER – Another Redditor speculated that Joel may have not been on good terms with the rest of the RT for awhile. Why Were Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic Fired From Rooster Teeth? Adam Kovic was also fired from Rooster Teeth after it was discovered he'd also been allegedly sending non-consensual nudes to people, including minors. Meanwhile, AT&T took a beating on WarnerMedia in Q3. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. That’s right — no […], The Chris Pratt Cancel Culture dumpster fire rages on, with many celebrities and his wife defending him from the ravenous Twitter mob. Wouldn’t have been easier to just base the BILLION DOLLAR Star Wars land on the ORIGINAL TRILOGY? Like them or hate them, ANTIFA is going to get Trump re-elected. Rooster Teeth Co-Founder GEOFF RAMSEY Faces Allegations?! The streaming startup is one of the first casualties of the streaming wars. We have begun company-wide discussions to identify changes that we can make, actions we can take against intolerance, and the steps we can take to ensure lasting change," Rooster Teeth wrote. Business seems to be booming for this 'mysterious pallet of bricks' distribution company. Now even some prominent YouTubers are saying Pratt HAS to make a statement to make it stop. In fall of 2019, Rooster Teeth laid off 13 percent of their staff. Although Joel wrote "laid off" in quotes, it seems like he was ousted from Rooster Teeth for his inappropriate response to the Black Lives Matter movement and his erratic behavior (this includes him rooting for John McCain's cancer to kill him and alleged posting rightwing conspiracy theories). Zoe Saldana also defended Pratt, and was called […], Dismal Disney news indeed! CLOWNFISH TV CHANNELS – Clownfish TV (Geek Commentary) – […], Disney keeps trying to make Galaxy’s Edge “happen” with the general public via tie-in media. But this wasn't the only shakeup at Rooster Teeth. He kept going, too. On his site he elaborated further, "[A]s I set out on this new journey with my family and two cats at my side, that means my time walking the halls here at Rooster Teeth has come to an end. The Mandalorian RUMOR: Media Thinks Pedro Pascal Leaving is IMPOSSIBLE? he tweeted on May 30. Chris Pratt CANNOT Be Apolitical Says Twitter and YouTube! Everyone going with the flow. If we don't get massive covid outbreaks in three weeks, then at least that crisis will be considered over. Disneyland’s President, the Mayor […], Japanese anime artists get paid VERY little, and are worked VERY hard. Brie Larson Most Affected. We also ponder why Japanese studios don’t just release anime and manga […], Quibi is a Hollywood disaster, being shut down after only six months! With all these major exits, it's unclear what's in store for Rooster Teeth. It's clear that there seemed to be some deeply rooted cultural issues within the company — and that Joel was just a part of it. I basically stopped coming in, after a thing, I have my reasons for that. Praise THE PARTY?! So what’s going on here? It's not exactly clear if Joel was fired in June, or months earlier. Worked harder than what anyone can know. Business Inquiries can be sent to shoutout [at], Some music and sound FX courtesy of Epidemic Sound –, #RoosterTeeth #AchievementHunter #Anime #Animation #FUNimation. CLOWNFISH TV covers Pop Culture news on Movies, Anime, Cartoons, Comic Books, Gaming, TV and more. "They fired him from the company and the role of Caboose. No one helps them. The Rooster Teeth dumpster fire burns on. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Sorry for posting this, please don't be mad at me. I remember going to see the Transformers movie at the W... Rooster Teeth has announced its bringing on other YouTubers and Podcaster, weeks after the Ryan Haywood / Adam Kovic scandal. Founders of Rooster Teeth Edit Burnie Burns - Actor, Co-Founder, Director, Chief Creative Officer, Podcasts, Producer, Voice Actor, and The Know [Burnie] Geoff Ramsey - Actor, Co-Founder, Content Creator, Director, Editor, Producer, Voice Actor, and Achievement Hunter and "Let's Play" family gaming MCN co-founder [Geoff] At $44 million this weekend in Japan ALONE, we have to wonder why Hollywood continues to SQUAT on movies that could help save ailing movie theaters. All of that is pretty problematic. We realize that these donations and our livestream fundraiser are just one small step in the direction we need to take to improve.