ancient coins and related literature for sale. This coin:  A massive 42 mm reformed "follis" (of 40 nummi) struck by Justinian (527-565) year 13 at Nicomedia. Coins and archaeology work together to identify Seuthes III Caracalla, 196-198-217 [Edit: Sold examples removed], Philip I, 244-249

(I also accept checks.) Gorgeous Very high grade. Recent:  2020, Oct. 11 and 10: Arab-Sasanian of Tabaristan, Hephthalite quarter-drachm, eight Sasanian kings, top of this page.


Mint WH = VH = Veh Ardashir = Seleucia Augustus Coins:  Roman coins, Greek coins, Byzantine coins, and other ancient coins for sale, Interesting ancient coins, offered by Augustus Coins. ex CCE Sept. 1981 lot 159.   A complete list of types from its beginning under Constantine to 364 AD.

27-26 mm. The original would be a very expensive coin, and finding an imitation of it is extremely unusual and the imitation may well be unique of its type.

A stater, silver, 10.74 grams. This coin:  Magnetius, AD 350-353, with a Christian chi-rho reverse type.

                [A very large reference site with many pages] 27 BC - 14 AD A related site where catalogs are grouped by collecting theme. A related site where catalogs are grouped, rarity and its (lack of) importance for cost, moving up from "beginner" to "intermediate" collector, Links to web sites that emphasize particular emperors, links to many pages on coins of the tetrarchies and later, 284-324,, Abdication Coins of Diocletian and Maximan, Byzantine coins with a cross above the head, Roman Republican plated imitation in Dacian style, coins that commemorate the deification of Augustus, denarii with three distinct portrait types, Barbarous radiates of the Gallo-Roman Empire, An illustrated list of all the coin types of the Tripolis mint, Introduction to the Roman coins of the First Tetrarchy: Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius, and Galerius, Follis types of the First Tetrarchy, 293-305 CE, Abdication types of Diocletian and Maximian, How to distinguish coins of Maximian from coins of Galerius, "radiate fraction" a.k.a. Date: 289-290 The Quadrans and Semis Denominations

[$49] Augustus/receiving standards back from the Parthians "Signus Receptus"  CAESAR AVGVSTVS SIGN RECE hybrid. This coin:  A silver Roman provincial coin of Trajan with a camel on the reverse, celebrating his annexation of Arabia in AD 106 . RIC Caracalla 337d "Scarce" 

   Guide to Late Roman AE Coin Types, AD 364-450 Commemoratives issued from 306 to 324 Dupondius

Late Roman fractions from Trier under the tetrarchy AVTOK K M IOVΛI ΦIΛIΠΠOC CЄB 88 BC.         The Roman emperor Jovian reigned only eight months.

Dates: Roman Republic and Empire to AD 321

This coin:  Diocletian from Aquileia [$85], Sasanian King Khusru I, 531-579 This coin: a small, 13 mm, fraction, struck for Diocletian, minted at Trier. Better than any acsearch example for details, especially the portraits, and with lots of corrosion which other examples also have.

Byzantine "anonymous folles" of the 10th - 11th centuries 15 mm. 22-20 mm.

Ex De Pere, WI collection. MacDonald Bosporus 301 variety (retrograde) mentioned page 61

   This coin: Maximian with mintmark incorporating ΛI, part of a code. Links to other type sets are here. Third crown, 467-484 Obverse:  Hoplite warrior right with spear and shield 2.54 grams 21 mm. If you are looking for ancient coins for sale, here is my site, Augustus Coins, and here are links to other sites.). By far his most common type.

This coin: Her bust right, crowned by the Hand of God horseman charging left with big circular shield    Beginners, begin here with the FAQ page [$65, reduced to $49], Trebonianus Gallus.

[Six substantial pages.]. #CR3251: $199, Augustus & Agrippa.

31 mm. 27 mm. This coin: 23 mm. (Northern Black Sea area) A specific historical occasion.       The same coins organized by mint. [A single page with the types.].

#CR2914: $99, Octavian (Augustus), with Divus Julius Caesar! "SACRA MONETA: Roman coins of the First Tetrarchy, 294-305" 12.88 grams. You have seen his "Victory" reverse denarius, but likely not this type [$85], Probus, 276-282 [$85, reduced to $69], Severus Alexander (222-235)

(Both SOLD) 3.57 grams.

A very nice example.

[$149, reduced to $129]. His portrait types. Possibly year 34 at Veh Ardashir (Seleucia)  Antioch mint, A.D. 218-219. Early Imperial Fourree A remarkable piece of very early ancient money. Feb. 9:  Follis types of the First Tetrarchy, 293-305. Sold coins, other than the most recent, removed entirely. An educational resource for collectors.

Date: Entire Roman imperial period.   The difference between grade and condition.  Vetranio, Roman emperor in AD 350: His six AE coin types. OLDER THAN DIRT.   (Links: Caracalla, Elagablal, Severus Alexander, Gordian III, Philip, Valerian, Gallienus, Gallo-Roman, Claudius II, Tacitus). VOT/XX/AVGG, in celebration of his 20th anniversary. Date: 316-364 The encrustation on the obverse is very hard. Some reverse types that are unique to a particular Roman emperor That might be you! A complete list and longer article here. A complete list of types of emperors Valentinian I through Theodosius II and Valentinian III, Eudoxia, wife of Arcadius, Augusta 400-404, Introduction to Byzantine Coins (491-1453), This coin: Justinian seated facing on a throne. Trajan, 98-117 The Byzantine emperor Justinian (527-565 AD) Dark olive-green patina, light earthen deposits. (These are educational pages and nothing here is for sale.  Officina Numbers on Late Roman Coins

CONCORDIA MILIT, two standards and two eagles.

I think my prices are the lowest on the market, but I'd like to sell some of these to someone who would like to look at them.

SC below. (A little light.) ref: RPC 1554. SNG Copenhagen VI Pamphlia -- Supplement 523 A timeline page of examples plus a page of theory. Please consider supporting the Guild, which lobbies in support of collecting.

Sasanian King Ardashir I (224-241), AE 8 chalkoi. This coin:  FEL TEM REPARATIO, soldier-spearing-fallen-horseman. CNG had one in 2010 for $185 + 12% + shipping. Set into custom .925 silver bezel. He was 77, having ruled from 27 B.C. Ex-Swiss private collection. Struck 19-2 BC. [$49, reduced to $35 SOLD], Domitian, 81-96.

Date: 251-253 [$89, reduced to $79], Samaria, Neapolis. Fire altar PROVIDEN AVG Feb 24:  Coins of the Second Tetrarchy, 305-306. ADVENTVS AVGG, Date: During the Roman empire [$145. core of a fourree denarius, with all the silver plate gone.     An educational site for ancient coin collectors about sale catalogs.

26 mm.

 The Tripolis mint of late third century AD Rome Black patina. As thick as a stack of three US cents. Roman Emperor Augustus 27 BC- AD 14 Silver Cistophorus NGC CH F 3 Denarius Value Mitchner ACW, 807-808; Sellwood 11. 18 mm. 4.13 grams. , Roman emperor in AD 350: His six AE coin types. Look at the sharp lettering, Philip's crisp hair, and the eagle's breast feathers. [$149 SOLD], For other imperial coins from the north Black Sea region under the Byzantine empire, see the Byzantine page (at the top), Portraits of Roman emperors on coins much larger than antoninani. About moving up from "beginner" to "intermediate" collector. August 28:  Introduction to Byzantine Coins. Possibly an ancient imitation, but awfully nice for an imitation.
Stunning! [One short page] [A long article with 33 relevant coins illustrated]. Byzantine coins of Justinian from Antioch This reverse does not normally have a portrait obverse.

Large.   Christian Symbols on Roman Coins Bust of Tiberius right, TIBEPIΩY KAΣIAPOΣ  legible Cilicia, Hierapolis-Castabala. To order, or simply to ask me questions, write me, Warren, at . Dates: 364-375 Germanus Indutilli L(ibertus), magistrate. Sellwood 56.

I do not expect you can find one as good or better for less anywhere else. Neat MON VRB type! Shipping to other countries: Shipping is an additional $3 for orders under $200 and payment must be with TransferWise or PayPal. 27 BC-AD 14. RIC 521, but IMP XXI COS XV does not appear there until Sept. 90, page 315, e.g. [$89, reduced to $59 SOLD]. *****   I also have a page of numismatic literature (ancient-coin auction catalogs, books) for sale. ADVENTVS, arrival of the emperor crescent moon and stars. Prices are in brackets: [$xx]. Adfini, Cognat, Patri, Socero, under Maxentius at Rome

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