Canfield writes those Chicken Soup for the Whatever Soul glurge books. The Secret makes a number of astonishing claims. She sounds more to me like a typical Christian hypocrite. Gregg Brilliant, Other Works But you’d never know she was ever involved to look at The Secret now. Sure, most of the hucksters we saw on the “experts” post do that. Any ex-Christian knows exactly what this “expert” is doing. This book presumably got printed in a real press by a publisher and then sold in a bookstore somewhere. See, Byrne’s inspiration was The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, published in 1910 originally. The Secret had originally been intended for television in Australia. If she can’t even take her own patter seriously, nobody else should. She and her husband write books, tour, give speeches, and offer consultations to teach people to think themselves rich. It says that you can’t have a universe without mind entering into it: that the mind is actually shaping the very thing that is being perceived. Other people who learned about it tried to protect it. Rhonda Byrne claims repeatedly that her inspiration for The Secret came from a book her daughter gave to her: The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles (formerly a Methodist Christian). I just saw... An ex-Bishop of Chester abused children with impunity. Seriously. At least, that’s what Hicks said. But once we examine Rhonda Byrne’s claims, they all fall apart. And that’s the exact situation that Byrne described in her testimony. See you tomorrow! She told him they’re just soooo limiting, like ya know, man? IS IT? The scientific method helps researchers avoid that trap, which is probably why pseudoscience hucksters never use it to test their ideas. Byrne paid him the promised monthly fees that added up to what he described as a “five-figure sum.”. "Hero," published in 2013, is also an international bestseller available in over 40 languages worldwide. Most pseudoscience bases itself on this one quirk of human perception. And that ain’t it, according to this comment by an actual quantum wizard working in the field. Also, send me the Nonreligious Newsletter. The only people who don’t seem terrified of her retaliation are the ones she would definitely know better than to betray. Byrne uses exactly the same analogy that Bonnette describes: that human thoughts are like TV transmissions beamed out to the universe, which makes humans into big ol’ transmission towers. Towards the end of 2004, following a string of traumatic events in her personal and professional life, Rhonda Byrne discovered a great secret - a secret law and principle of the universe. I’m sure it was pure coincidence that the one person sharing profits with Byrne with was also the only person who got written out of the film. You can now see Borat 2 on Amazon Prime. If we humans seek patterns diligently enough, then we always find them. Even housecats know better than to waste energy transmitting to nowhere: they don’t meow in the wild to other cats because other cats can interpret body language and whatnot more easily. Well, here’s what she told The Australian: “We received an email from the producer of The Secret lovingly explaining (we never have received correspondence from her that was anything other than extremely loving) that the contract that we had all agreed upon and signed was no longer sufficient for their further distribution of the project.”. . Scientific laws (also known as natural laws) imply a cause and effect between the observed elements and must always apply under the same conditions. Inspired by a book that her daughter gave her, she went on to create an amazing life and created the amazing hit movie...The Secret. They’ll eat it up with a spoon. Oh, he’s in trouble. In order to be scientific law, a statement must describe some aspect of the universe and be based on repeated experimental evidence. Harrington, Glenda Bell, Skye Byrne, and Nic George.