Related: seulgi joy yeri irene kpop < > Most recent. Thank u~, |Ask Box: CLOSED| I write scenarios,reactions and ships about Red Velvet,Twice and BLACKPINK|. Feel free to share your love-hate thoughts about Red Velvet. Once Louis stood outside the balcony beside them he looked at Kayla and said “ care to explain…?”. Entertainment. “Long Story Kitty” Kayla said as she ripped another photo and threw it over the edge of the balcony. Call me biased, but those two have shine the most ever since debut(to me at least)” - Anon, “"I love Red Velvet but…“ Nowadays everyone "love” Red Velvet and then only throw shit.“ - Anon, “I don’t understand why all the hate to their latest comeback, has Red Velvet become so popular lately to have so many haters?” - Anon, “People speak about Seulgi and Wendy vocals but they forget Joy is a vocalist too. You only won because you really really strong, that’s why!” She said as she scrunched up her face. There are songs I used to love but now I dislike and the other way around.“ - Anon, “I hate it when someone makes a remix and remove their vocals, like that’s literally the best part of the song!“ - Anon, “Irene’s voice surprised me so much when she sang Lo Siento with SuJu, SM should really promote her more in this aspect.” - Anon, “I always get excited for red velvet comebacks because they always provide such unique themes and mvs. But all she gets in return is just a quickly kiss and a hug, she wants something more…. So, I just wanna know what you guys think about my blog, I’ve been really sad since some days ago, so please, if you like my blog or something like that, please like this, thank you. Ooc; Ahhh. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. “Oh my God Jagi! joifuns:. “I’m just throwing at random!” she yelled back “and It’s something I don’t want to yell about right now!”, “Well its a tad late for saying that, isn’t it…?” Louis laughed, Kayla laughed “It’d be easier to explain if you were up here!” she yelled, “but if you do come, leave the box behind”, ‘Wait.. Why are you chucking the boxes away?’ Kitty questioned, Kayla took the box from Kitty’s hand and threw it over the…. Irene (Red Velvet) Reaction to: Confused about her relationship with you: Red Velvet Reaction to: Having a Strong Girlfriend. Log in Sign up. Chat. Most popular Most recent. Annabelle is going to tell her mom about Dominique, so that’ll be interesting, BUT THE REST OF US NEED TO DO SOMETHING TOO!!! We need to start some drama around here! Related: joy icons park sooyoung joy ... Red Velvet, ‘The Red Summer. That’s TOO much drama. Photo. Naah, I’m totally joking. fuckyeah-lilylunabelle:. Marry me. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Irene: The day she found out you were really strong, she got really surprised and after some time, you asked her why she was so pouty and with her arms crossed over her chest, she asked you, RED VELVET OT5 (IRENE SEULGI WENDY JOY YERI) LOCKSCREENs. Hey guys! ), I only did RV. She even thought that when you asked her on date was just a dare. theseulgis: _imyour_joy 201020 instagram story. Kitty, pass me that ring, will ya?” Kayla asked, as she pointed to a small wooden box. I really love your blog, have a good day, Ahh could u do red velvet or twice reacting to having a strong gf or their gf picking them up?? The ring was her mothers and Kayla wanted it gone. If you could like.. throw that in the lake, it’d be greatly apprciated” Kayla yelled. While it is a great song and got Red Velvet a lot of attention overseas and from other fandoms, now everyone expects them to stick to that concept. Video. At this point we don't own any of the post on this blog. The dress code for Yerim’s birthday party tomorrow is purple. Ask. joy red velvet. Being rude to other luvies because of it is stupid.“ - Anon, “I honestly think Wendy and Seulgi are the ACES in their group and maybe third generation girl groups. I have a really strong girlfriend, don’t mess with my Jagi because she is really strong!” She smiled cutely. !’. It's where your interests connect you with your people. And outsiders keep saying “ever since BB their music quality dropped”, like I get if you don’t like song titles but bsides like Sassy Me, Taste, So Good are all velvet tracks of same quality.“ - Anon, “Other than wins, views are not useful. [ Please reblog and / or like if you use them and feel free to request more. Red Velvet are a 5 member girl group under S.M. you bloody gotta get your aim straight, and secondly why am I about to throw this into the lake?” Louis asked. Red Velvet Twitter Red Velvet Instagram Red Velvet Youtube. As the time goes by, Irene gets more and more confused about your relationship with her, she thinks that you are a player and doesn’t want a serious relationship, she’s insecure. Kitty, pass me that ring, will ya?” Kayla asked, as she pointed to…. red velvet please come back home home mail etc. “Shut up! ‘Kayla!’ she cried, 'What did you do that for? Please? Death threats will be deleted.Pictures are not ours, credits to the rightful owner. I HAVE AN IDEA!!! Log in Sign up. She loves you with all her heart, she even wrote a total of 4 letters saying how much she loves you. There are songs I used to love but now I dislike and the other way around.“ - Anon - Gia Reblog like. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.