Since it would be the last time she'll be there, Ray requests for Zack to let her go to the lower room alone to say her goodbye.
As her counsellor has called the police and they are starting to push open the door, Ray quickly goes with Zack, once again asking him to kill her. Ray then leaves behind nameplate with her name written on it.

Ray is a cute 13-year-old girl of small stature with hip-length blonde hair that has a single hair strand hanging in the middle of her face (mostly on the right side), large blue eyes and a petite frame. To her surprise, Zack breaks through the window, greeting her. Rachel Dalles, a character in the Black Butler manga series and anime. Ray finds the obstacle unexpectedly easy, so she arrives first before Zack. Though the match resumed outside at Rachel's suggestion, which Ash won and earned himself the Mind Badge. Gray deems Ray a witch and sentences her to be burned to a stake despite Ray's repeated denial of her being one. Ray then asks if Zack is truly going to kill her considering she's really boring to him. Hoping the one banging the window is Zack, Ray blocks the door using the sofa in her room and brings out the knife just in case it's someone else. She once again experiences bizarre visions that make her question if her oath with Zack to God means nothing, making her terrified that there'll be no salvation for her. On their way down, Ray must activate a switch at Cathy and Eddie's floors. Ray replies that Zack has sworn to God that he would kill her, and that was everything to her. Whether Zack has killed Ray or not is left uncertain. Without hesitation, Ray cuts them all down and enters the room, which is a church. For a while, Ray's twisted view caused her to eventually believed Zack as her God after he helped her so many times, and when Zack denied this, she was so distressed that she tried to kill him to make him hers. She admits that she can't go on without her God, and now knowing that Zack is not the God that she wants him to be, she accepts that her so-called God is dead. At the institution, Doctor Danny was assigned to be her therapist. Zack, however, helps her to get a hold of herself, which also helps her notice the opened vent near the ceiling. Seeing Ray's concern that was never there before bewilders Zack so he finally asks why she was worrying for him and if she was feeling guilty for something. Respecting Zack's wish, Ray runs from Zack who is chasing after her until they stop at the final room where Cathy is watching them. As such, Ray spent most of her time out of the house, wandering alleys. She comes down to look at the "secret weapon" her mother was talking about, discovering a handgun. Upon exiting the chest, worried about the bird, Ray returns to where she first encountered the man. Her aunt Rebekah was Jacob's mother. Ray finally admits that she is confused about why she only wants Zack to kill her but can only think it's the oath made to God. Following Zack's words, Ray forces herself to smile albeit sadly.

Hearing this, Ray asks if that means he still wants to kill her, feeling happy when Zack confirms it. She is relieved upon hearing that Zack gave her his knife so that she could protect herself until he kills her and he won't do something that he doesn't want. Eddie then makes her choose between him and Zack while promising to kill her in a beautiful way than Zack would. She does not, however, fake emotions, and will not pretend to have feelings that are not present. "Don't kill me! Ray enters the room to find false eyes, which Danny takes one to replace his dysfunctional eye. Ray tells Zack she doesn't know herself, prompting Zack to take both injections and injects them both into himself despite Ray's attempt to stop him. Because of the building's rules, Ray's faith in God made her fitting in the criteria to become a sacrifice. An announcement says Zack has now become a sacrifice as he has broken the rule by attacking a resident of another floor, prompting him to run away. This frustrates Zack who questions her contradictory behaviour and what's going in her head. Ray asks Zack to kill her in exchange she will help him escape from the building, forming an unusual partnership between them. This convinced Ray to choose Zack, telling him to break the wall that was separating them, which Zack easily did. 'ewe') was a Biblical figure, the favorite of Jacob's two wives, and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin, two of the twelve progenitors of the tribes of Israel.Rachel's father was Laban.Her older sister was Leah, Jacob's first wife; their mother was Adinah. Ray then reveals that she only finds the resumes and the mechanism to open the next door is somewhere else. Rachel (Japanese: レイ Rei) is a minor recurring character in the Pokémon anime. Danny marvels at Ray's eyes becoming beautiful again until Zack appears and slashes him down. Ray collapses from the side-effect of the poison while asking Zack if she's being useful, to which Zack answers that she's done more than good. The door to the elevator is still locked, but from reading the words on the wall that tells them to present their names to God, Ray picks and brings back the nameplates they used for taking mugshot and chose Zack's nameplate to place, opening the elevator. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ray becomes even more confused as she realized she doesn't want Zack to kill her just because he swore to God, but didn't understand why either, leading her to apologize to Zack. Danny concludes they are trapped. Ray and Zack once again confront Eddie who asks Ray why she chose Zack over him. Affirming that Zack is the only one who can kill her, Ray bring out her own gun inside her bag and shoots Cathy. Down another alleyway, she comes across an injured bird. Kill me." Just don't break the rules. Before they could argue, Ray collapses from the shock. Thanks to this, Ray is saved, but because she showed a sign of delirium and attachment to Zack, Ray is taken to a rehabilitation facility. She finds the bird that was killed and stitches it up to "fix" it before giving it a proper burial in one of the floor's lots.
Gray, however, assures her that he means her no harm. Despite being separated from Zack, Ray still clings to a small hope that their promise will be fulfilled, keeping Zack's knife with her. When she finally finds Zack in the same place, Zack is overwhelmed by his bloodlust, wanting to kill so much. Afterwards, she gathers her parents' corpses and transforms them into dolls sewed up together, the closest thing to a "perfect" family she never had. The group decided to follow her there and later encounter the twin Mossdeep Gym Leaders. Ray tells Zack that Gray has soft spot for him.