Trivia. Music puts legal money into my account. It’s keeping me out of jail. Informally founded in the mid-2010s, drill collective Original Farm Boys (shortened to OFB) took their name from Broadwater Farm Estate, a Tottenham housing complex where many of the group's members grew up. [6] The Indian Army made a contract to secure 1,400 MPVs, but an order of 250 MPVs was secured in November 2007. When more than 4.5 million children live in poverty, the temptation for teenagers of getting quick money in the illicit drug economy is stronger than ever, and exploitative “county lines” networks are leaving vulnerable young people and their families devastated. This need to get to the “better side” is crucial. “A positive story can come out of this,” he says, picking up his phone – probably someone making an inquiry about OFB. A community centre was instead sold off to a private company and rebranded as a gym, “and the council aren’t going to help us”. “But it’s calm because I understand that’s the game – everyone learns off each other.”. One of the collective is the son of Mark Duggan, whose death sparked the 2011 London riots. Do you know any background info about this track? So music is the only way.”, Bandokay says it was a “fun, nice experience” growing up on Broadwater Farm. Posted by 13 hours ago. Let us know what you think of the website. Drill has received broadly negative attention since it was belatedly discovered by the mass media in 2018 – but it is also seeing increasing commercial success: artists such as DigDat, Russ and Digga D have reached the UK Top 20, and London-style drill instrumentals and vocal intonations are being employed by artists in Dublin, New York and Sydney. In response, under Densu’s guidance, OFB edited out any potentially provocative references to specific places, individuals and events before re-uploading the video. He sits beside me on a black metal railing as buses trundle by. The Mine Protected Vehicle was developed in 2001 at a cost of USD$14 million. [19], Its use was criticized by the CRPF due to bad armor protection, which means that stronger IEDs can be used to destroy them when they are out on patrols. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Do you know the lyrics for this track? “But if you actually know me, and know what I’ve been through, then you know where I’m coming from, and you’ll be proud of me.” He looks up over my shoulder to acknowledge the arrival of his uncle, Marlon Duggan – Mark’s younger brother – who takes a seat on the wall next to me. [4] In 2004, exports were made to Nepal. About. The MPV’s construction was based on the Casspir Mk II, which India used in the 1990s. Let us know what you think of the website. The group’s steep upward trajectory shows how drill has become a source of empowerment and income for poor, black British teenage boys facing a vacuum of prospective career opportunities, unaddressed trauma from impoverished home lives and combat on the roads, and the daily ritual of disproportionate police attention. In February, Skengdo and AM were given suspended jail sentences for performing one of their songs; an unprecedented moment in British legal history. Poll. The Ordnance Factory Board Mine Protected Vehicle (OFB MPV) is a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected-type vehicle used by the Indian Army and the Central Reserve Police Force as an armored personnel carrier to transport personnel with protections from explosives and small arms fire. Who had the best verse in Ambush. [24] At one point, the MPV crew refused to participate in driving the vehicle in the snow as part of the snow test, not trusting its worthiness. “People who are not used to listening to this type of music think we are talking mad,” Bandokay says. “It’s my way of escaping gang life and achieving a better life. ", "Centre looking into MPVs' vulnerability in anti-Naxal war", "Armoured carriers are no protection in heavily-mined Maoist areas", "CRPF shifts MPVs from Naxal grid to Kashmir for better convoy security", "CRPF asks OFB to enhance safety of mine protected vehicles", "Ordnance Factory Board showcases Yuktirath", "Ordinance Factory in Medak wins 'Golden Peacock Innovative Product Award in Dubai", "Attack exposes chink in mine vehicle – Rebels thwart machines with big bombs", "Maoists understand the limitations of Mine Proof Vehicles", "Protected Mobility: Many Threats, Many Options", "Army should be made self-reliant to meet security challenges", "WER'WOLF MKII Mine Protected Vehicle India Trial Report: January – June 2000",, Post–Cold War military equipment of India, Military vehicles introduced in the 2000s, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 May 2020, at 18:56. [15] The Indian Army made an order for 250 MPVs in late September 2016, which is expected to be produced by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur with first deliveries made in 2018. Add a video. We want to change that. 329 votes. “Every day it gets more crazy,” Densu says, chuckling and shaking his head. Leave feedback. Origin: England. UK drill’s 19-year-old former poster boy Unknown T – real name Daniel Lena – has been charged with the murder of 20-year-old Steven Narvaez-Jara. “I’m still smart, though … don’t get it twisted!” Bandokay adds with a smirk. Hmm, it looks like we don’t know much about this track. [13][14] The Yukitirath was officially presented for the first time in public in 2012 at the Defexpo 2012 exhibition. As a youth worker, I have met countless boys who have experienced similar patterns of derailment from a young age and who therefore struggle to meet the pressurising demands of their pastorally underresourced, exams-focused academy schools. Formed: 2018. [9] The CRPF has discontinued most of its MPVs in service in 2012. [16], Being based on the Casspir, the MPV has the same V-monoque hull with a provision for a Remote weapon station or a mounted turret for a light or medium machine gun for protection and self-defense purposes. These forces are churning out disengaged young people – disproportionately boys of colour – who have little hope for a bright future, despite living in the fifth largest economy in the world. Ever since they killed my dad, they have been on to me.” In June, the Daily Mail reported that the DJ Tim Westwood – whom the publication has often used as a whipping boy for his influential role in the London music scene – was accused of glorifying murder by hosting a “street gang” on his YouTube freestyle platform. But amid a moral panic in the media, valid criticism has collapsed into censorship. But like other experimenters making reformed iterations of the genre – dance-themed such as Russ’s Gun Lean, polished and playful such as Digga D’s No Diet or positive/spiritual, such as the church-cum-rap group Hope Dealers (a drill collective who rap about being Christians) – OFB are keen to move away from that norm. “They spoke about it like I’m glamorising murders.”. “I could give youngers jobs helping to run the camera team, social media, marketing. Go directly to shout page, Do you have any photos of this artist? At the nucleus of the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham, north London, is a road that local young people call Front Street. But it should not be assumed that the music is dangerous in and of itself; nor is its existence surprising as an undeniable expression of the truths of the artists’ lives, if we acknowledge the dark conditions from which it stems.