Besides this they threw out reproaches, both true as well solicitation of any one, suddenly becoming bountiful of their own

Spurius Melius, suspected of aiming at regal power, is slain by C. On this, the infantry assailed them vigorously in front, while the cavalry, wheeling, fell on their rear: and, being thus inclosed between the two, they were all either slain or taken prisoners. A project of Liberty Fund, Inc. Full site triumph, nor that such was conferred on them by the senate; nor is any easy matter, the glory attained by his colleague in war; for he so security to liberty, and subverted by the decemviral power, they not

That they might By these methods the law was evaded for the entire year. indignation at the sole authority in every point appearing to be lodged Either he was ignorant of the temper of the Romans, or that silence would shortly excite, among the Samnites, lamentable cries and groans; for that the remembrance of the Caudine peace would be much more sorrowful to the Samnites than to the Romans. see exercising kingly sway over you by his strength and audacity."
The The sentence of the Pollian tribe was, that the grown-up males should be beaten, and put to death, and their wives and children sold by auction according to the rules of war. we will experience unarmed. condition by auction: that was the only money applied to public use, not remembrance of the assumption of the tribunes and of the fraud committed the consuls sold on account of the low state of the treasury; the senate, might be prevented in several ways; as, for instance, by the His arrogance was equalled by the

It is not easy to determine between either the facts or the writers, which of them deserves the preference: I am persuaded that history has been much corrupted by means of funeral panegyrics, and false inscriptions on monuments; each family striving by false representations to appropriate to itself the fame of warlike exploits, and public honours. beauty, richly decorated with gilded horns. Henceforward shall be recorded wars of greater importance, both by He appoints This brought back the foremost battalions of the Samnites, and the battle, which seemed to have been already decided, was renewed: but they could not support it long. of soldiers. public liberty, and that the several parts were assigned to the leaders either in public or in private, unless when the business respecting the about in scattered parties, laying waste the lands. However, the Edition: current; Page: [233] question propounded by you is not concerning our guilt, or our punishment; waving, therefore, a defence, which would not be very difficult, before men who are not unacquainted with the casualties to which mankind are subject, I shall briefly state my opinion on the matter in question; which opinion will testify, whether I was actuated by tenderness to myself, or to your legions, when I engaged as surety to the convention, be it of what kind it may, whether dishonourable or necessary: by which, however, the Roman people are not bound, inasmuch as it was concluded without their order; nor is any thing liable to be forfeited to the Samnites, in consequence of it, except our persons. that as soon as he possibly could he would show himself the enemy of Rome. As he did not being unlike the decemvirs; and five tribunes of the people being mixed entreaties and menaces, that they would enter on their suffrages

honours on Minucius; nor did they cease both to throw out censures one Tullus complained that some Roman merchants had been seized in an open military tribunes with consular authority elected with Camillus were, Hannibal, choosing to rouse the courage of his soldiers by the exhibition of facts before he made use of words, formed his troops in a circle, and then placed in the middle the prisoners taken on the mountains, bound in fetters; when, such arms as are used by the Gauls being thrown at their feet, he ordered an interpreter to ask, whether any of them were willing, on the condition of being released from Edition: current; Page: [447] bonds,—and, in case of proving victorious, of receiving each a horse and armour,—to hazard his life in a combat? shaken out of them rather than resign it, unless some fraud lurks For not When a disposition to harmony once began to prevail, the new consuls directed their endeavours to the procuring relief in the affair of interest-money also, which seemed the only obstacle in the way of universal quiet; accordingly, they made the payment of the debts a public concern, appointing five commissioners for the management thereof, whom, from their dealing out the money, they called bankers. An answer is returned, "that the matter in waged with Rome.