The Kyrgyzstani som is broken up into 100 tyiyn, and its name means "pure" in the Kyrgyz language. The next mayor, Albek Sabirbekovich Ibraimov, was also nominated for election by parliamentary group of Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan in city kenesh, and he was elected by Bishkek City Kenesh on 27 February 2016. They were printed by De La Rue in Great Britain. Originally a caravan rest stop (possibly founded by the Sogdians) on one of the branches of the Silk Road through the Tian Shan range, the location was fortified in 1825 by the khan of Kokand with a mud fort. [1] Currently no Unicode currency symbol is registered, although it can be represented by the sequence С̲ (uppercase Cyrillic С followed by U+0332 COMBINING LOW LINE). All others in 1993. The site was redeveloped from 1877 onward by the Russian government, which encouraged the settlement of Russian peasants by giving them fertile land to develop. It continued to ship USSR ruble notes and coins to the central banks of the fourteen newly independent countries, which had formerly been the main branches of Gosbank in the republics. The famous trade network referred to as the Silk Route passed through the country’s rugged terrain. Chong-Aryk and Orto-Say are part of Lenin District. The first bus and trolley bus services in Bishkek were introduced in 1934 and 1951, respectively.[49]. Below, you'll find Kyrgyzstani Som rates and a currency converter. These conditions were far from being met amidst the turbulent economic and political situation. The ruble remained in circulation within the Soviet Union even after the breakup of the Union in 1991. This process, in which the new ruble replaced ten old rubles, was needed to reduce the amount of currency in circulation. In the Soviet Union, speakers of Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Uzbek called the ruble the som, and this name appeared written on the back of banknotes, among the texts for the value of the bill in all 15 official languages of the Union. For example, as of the fall of 2008, train No. It is the only Catholic cathedral in Kyrgyzstan.[7]. This is a largest stadium in Kyrgyz Republic. It is also near the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border. The language(s) of this currency do(es) not have a morphological plural distinction. Brass-coated steel coins were the first coins to be released to the public in denominations of 10 and 50 tiyin. Since it was clear that the situation would not last, each of them was using its position as "free-riders" to issue huge amounts of money in the form of credit. The province surrounds the city, although the city itself is not part of the province, but rather a province-level unit of Kyrgyzstan. Available at: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. (All-Union Census of 1926: Kyrgyz ASSR)", Численность наличного населения городов, поселков городского типа, районов и районных центров СССР по данным переписи на 15 января 1970 года по республикам, краям и областям (кроме РСФСР), "Население Кыргызстана | Перепись населения и жилищного фонда Кыргызской Республики 2009", Web-site of the State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry: Assessment of Air Pollution, "New mayor of Bishkek promises to solve capital's problems", "Upcoming referendum sinks Kyrgyzstan deeper into crisis", "Kubanychbek Kulmatov elected mayor of Bishkek", "Albek Ibraimov elected mayor of Bishkek", Corporate Japanese companies to renovate Kyrgyzstan football stadium, "International Ataturk Alatoo University", "Главная Международный университет Кыргызстана.|", "Кыргызско-Российский Славянский университет имени Б.Н. The currency code for Soms is KGS, and the currency symbol is лв. By Joseph Kiprop on August 1 2017 in Economics.