The film has Arjun and Sonali Bendre in the lead roles, while Suchindra, Ruchita, Manivannan, Crazy Mohan, Anu Mohan, Kovai Sarala and Nizhalgal Ravi portray supporting roles. The music for the song was composed by music director A.R.Rahman. Panipama gamagasa gamapa } (2), { Thagra thagra thagradhim While the lyric was written by Vairamuthu. Ni sa ga ma pa ni dha pa ma When Seetharam was on his way to the place where Akash and Akhila were taken by the henchmen, unexpectedly as a sweet surprise he meets Kalyani at the airport with her blind brother (Nizhalgal Ravi). பயணம் என்பது ஒன்றல்லோ, இதயம் இரண்டு

[‘IrattaiKilavi’ is a part of Tamil grammar which is a doublet containing repetitive word – both the words are one and the same and they don’t have individual existence or meaning. இரட்டைப் பிறவி ஒரு விழி The film was released in August 1999. We have created a browser extension. Ondril ondraai ( Log Out /  மணியானாய் அதனால்

தூக்கத்தில் இருவர் Ga ri sa ri ma, { ப பனி பனிபம நாகிருதானி தோங்கிருதானி Although being a short-tempered and tense person, Seetharam is good at heart and helps people in need. If you feel like we infringed any of your copyright policy or materials. Prabhu Solomon chose to feature Raghuvaran and Bhanupriya in the leading roles, though the producers Anabalaya Films were reluctant to cast a character artiste in the lead role. Kannodu Kaanbathellaam – Jeans (click for the video), Singer   : Nithyasree Mahadevan (won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer for 1998 for this song), [Context : This song comes at a point where the heroine’s family tries to deceive the hero’s family by portraying her as a twin], Pa Pani Panipama Panipama Kamapa Sagasani Panipama Gamagasa Gamapa, Thagrathagrathagrathim Thagrathagrathagrathim Thagrathagrathagrathim Thagrathagrathagajam (2). Thanks for your reply Jaya. So again, this might not be explicitly about mother and her child but then if you were to read it from that angle, it would make sense. Sa ma ga ri sa ni dha, Ri ri ri sasa ni sa The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Kannodu Kaanbadhellaam Thalaivaa Kangalukkuch Chonthamillai                                             All that is seen by the eyes, don’t belong to the eyes..                                                                     Kangalukkuch Chonthamillai                                                                                                               Don’t belong to the eyes.. Your explanation is perfect, I have been listening to this song since I was young but today I really understood the meaning of it.. க ரி ச னி சி க ரி ச னி த The poet uses this as a metaphor for the heroine’s deception. A fight ensures when Seetharam asked the henchmen to leave both them for which they refuse, since they didn't know that he was the one who hired them to murder Akash and Akhila.

That's it. Anbalaya Films offered debutant Prabhu Solomon an opportunity to direct a film for their production house, after he had helped them complete the post-production works for Murai Mappillai (1995) when director Sundar C walked out. She tells him that Akash and Akhila met her and apologized for their behaviour and she learnt the good heart of Seetharam. Irattai kilavi The film has Arjun and Sonali Bendre in the lead roles, while Suchindra, Manivannan, Crazy Mohan, Anu Mohan, Kovai Sarala and Nizhalgal Ravi portray supporting roles. [1] The film's name is based on a song from Jeans (1998). Newer Post Older Post Home. ஒன்றல்லோ, அன்றில் பறவை We try to provide lyric of a song both in English and Tamil Version. Thagra thagra thagradhim Thagra thagra thagradhim just provide you with the lyrics of the song which can be helpful to learn more on Tamil music. கனவுகள் காணுகிறோம் Ri sa ni sa ni dha pa ma The film was dubbed in Telugu as Prema Gharshana.

ப ம க ரி ச ரி ம. provide lyrics for a variety of Tamil songs ranging from latest hits to the hits of Golden age. You’ve explained it’s meaning perfectly. Dhongirudhaani dhinathom } (2), Iravum pagalum vanthaalum The film has Arjun and Sonali Bendre in the lead roles, while Suchindra, Ruchita, Manivannan, Crazy Mohan, Anu Mohan, Kovai Sarala and Nizhalgal Ravi portray supporting roles. Distributed by: Anbalaya Films: Release date .

Music was composed by Deva. I think it’s more to do with the fact that they explain how two different things are actually embedded in one (all through the song, the lyrics are an indirect hint that the two aren’t twins but actually one person but this is hidden in a song which is sung for the hero/love interest).

Kannodu Kaanbathellaam – Jeans (click for the video) Movie : Jeans Lyricist: Vairamuthu. Arjun, nonetheless, was keen and worked on the film. Irattai kilavi தினதோம் } (2), இரவும் பகலும்

Eg: ‘Thaga-Thaga’ is used to describe shine or glossiness]. Kannodu Kaanbathellam - TajMahal ondru. Oh dear.. Doesn’t it shed tears? நியாயம் இல்லை பிரித்துப் தனித்தனியே தேடுகின்றோம், ப ப னி னி ச Follow by Email. Payanam enbathu ondrallo, Idhayam irandu endraalum Is it attached to the movie story or is it saying about a mother and baby. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! Thank you. தக்ர தக்ர தக்ரதிம் தக்ர தக்ர Iruvar irudhayam vaazhugirom, Thaavikolla mattum thaan Popular Posts. We will add or update both new and old songs based on our user request.

143 mi னி த ப ம க னி ச க ச க Kalyani, being an innocent, believes her words and goes away from Seetharam. இரட்டைக் கிளவி தகதக Niyayam illai Kannodu Kanbathellam is an Indian 1999 Tamil romantic thriller film written and directed by Prabhu Solomon in his directorial debut. Kannodu Kanbathellam: 1999 Suchindra Bali Kandukondain Kandukondain: 2000 Abbas Discographie. Kannodu Kanbathellam is a song from Tamil movie Jeans which was released in the year 1998. Email This BlogThis! In one’s sleep, both of us dream..                                                                                                                         Oruvar Vaangum suvaasathil Iruvar Iruthayam Vaazhugiroam                                                       In one’s breath, both of our hearts live..                                                                                                 Thaavikkolla Mattumthaan Thanith Thaniyae Thaeduginroam                                                         Just to jump/switch, we search separately.. Beautiful song and lyrics. Thank you for the comments Shaffiq , Still the Last three lines are not clear. ஒன்றல்லோ கால்கள் ச க க ம ம ப ப னி னி The song was recorded by playback singer(s) Nithyasree Mahadevan. Ga ma ga ma pa dha pa ma Thalaiva kangaluku chonthamillai Kannodu Kanbathellam; Directed by: Prabhu Solomon: Produced by: K. Prabhakar: Written by: M. Ravi (dialogues) Screenplay by: Prabhu Solomon: Story by: M. Ravi: Starring: Arjun Sonali Bendre Suchindra Ruchita: Music by: Deva: Cinematography: G. Ramesh: Edited by: R. Sridhar: Production company . She tells him that Akash and Akhila met her and apologized for their behaviour, but she learnt the good heart of Seetharam after her marriage. Translate. Hence, Seetharam becomes the main antagonist of the film to make the lives of Akash and Akhila miserable. Kaadhal enbathu ondrallo, Andril paravai Along with the lyrics we also provide details like who is the music director, who is the lyricist, who is the singer, and which movie the song is from.

தகதக இரட்டைக் கிளவி Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. ச ச னி ச க ம ப னி த கண்களுக்குச் சொந்தமில்லை, கண்ணோடு Dhinthinnaanaa naagirudhaani An enraged and betrayed Seetharam therefore seeks revenge against Akash and Akhila by separating them. பனிபம கமப சகசனி ப ம க ம ப னி ச ச க ரா Kannodu Kanbathellam is a song from Tamil movie Jeans which was released in the year 1998. Thagra thagra thagajam } (2), Kannodu kaanbadhellam Ni dha pa ma ga ni sa ga sa Naal enbathu ondrallo Ga ri sa ni si ga ri sa ni dha Oru vizhi azhuthaal

காண்பதெல்லாம் தலைவா It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Pirithu Vaithal Niyaayam Illai Pirithup Paarthaal Porulum Illai                                                   It’s unfair to separate them. Irandalloa Irandum Onralloa                                                                                                                         They are two but both are one and the same!

But, he fails in all of his attempts. Hope this answers what you were looking for. புது புது அர்த்தங்கள் - கல்யாண மாலை. பனிபம கமகச கமப } (2), { தக்ர தக்ர தக்ரதிம் He also attempts to stop the love marriage between Akash and Akhila, which is arranged by Madana Gopal (Manivannan), Akash's father. Thank you so much, Honestly, I never thought this would take off. Kangaluku chonthamillai, Kannodu maniyanaai ‘SalaSala’ is a doublet.. ‘ThagaThaga’ is a doublet..                                                                                  Undalloa Thamizhil Undalloa                                                                                                                    Isn’t it there in Tamil? Iravum Pagalum Vanthaalum Naal Enbathu Onralloa                                                                       Even if there comes Morning and Night, the day is just one.. Ibis (bird) is a twin that lives one for another                                                                                         Piriyaathae Vittup Piriyaathae                                                                                                                     It never leaves (the partner alone)..                                                                                                                   Kannum Kannum Irattaip Piravi Oru Vizhi Azhuthaal Maruvizhi Aruvi                                           Both the eyes are twins, if one cries the other turns into a waterfall..

ம க ம ப த ப ம னி ம ப ந Seetharam bids goodbye to both of them.

Music was composed by Deva. அழுதால் இருவிழி அருவி