[Throwback] Girls' Generation & EXO Special Collaboration Stage! EXO Kai was seen at the Incheon International Airport earlier heading to Paris for GUCCI 2019 S/S Collection's fashion show. Is she crazy or what; I'm not really supporting Kaistal but you guys are in the wrong, you crazy bitches and bastards," "Let's all praise them for using condoms. Why would you ever shame them for using condoms? It's so wrong to keep creating assumptions and writing stories, when you …

Thank you. What made me sure that it was Kai was the cast on his foot I spotted. The list shows purchases of various snacks, cup noodles, sweets, and 6 packets of condoms (the last 2 items in the receipt). Article : "No violence" Thai go wild at 2PM Nichkhun's SNS support Source : Yonhap News via Naver 1. 3. Source: All Kpop. Pann: More evidence that Kai and Krystal are living together released ... Jessica debuted in Girl's Generation and Krystal in f(x). In compliance with new EU laws, we must inform you that we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. According to All Kpop, a convenience store employee allegedly “exposed” the receipts for the things the pair bought. Article : Hyeri to leave tvN's 'Amazing Saturday' after two years... baton passed to Taeyeon Source : Yonhap News via Naver 1. Article : The 'uncomfortable truth behind K-Pop as seen in Black Pink Netflix documentary Source : Kyunghyang News via Naver 1. An “employee” (or sasaeng fan) at a store that EXO’s Kai visits once or twice a month posted a picture of “Kai and Krystal’s” […] Convenience Store Employee Leaks Kai And Krystal's Receipt Of Condoms, Girls' Generation's YoonA and EXO's Kai team up for a couple photoshoot in 'Elle', EXO's Kai casted as the lead role in upcoming web drama 'Choco Bank'.

[+100, -8] They’re adults, nothing wrong with them doing it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what’s so shocking about this? document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "4b1a87d754ae6ff155d2af97b930d29c" );document.getElementById("6db6387adc").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); medianet_width = "336";

They’re adults, what it’s matter to us? What's so shocking about this, they're grown so leave them be. They’re adults too so of course sex is something they can do if they’re dating, why reveal it like this and embarrass them over it? The screen shots also include pictures of receipts listing the items the couple allegedly purchased. But I didn't see any fans near the villa; I guess they don't know. The pair was seen wearing face masks, evidently wanting privacy for their date. CCTV Photos of Kai & Krystal At A Room Escape Cafe Leaked. They dressed in casual clothes consisting of glasses, hats, and sweatshirts. The receipt shows “Kai and Krystal”, or you know whoever’s receipt this really is, purchased 3 Unidus Long Love Condoms and 3 Durex Condoms. Did I also mention that I am obsessed with K-pop as much as I am with food? He started coming in more recently this month but around 5 today, KXX came and then KXXXX came in an hour later asking if we charged phones. BTS Member’s Profile (Names, Birthdays, Religion, Height etc) and Facts, Full Profile of BLACKPINK Members (Real Name, Age, Height and Weight), Before and After Blackpink Member’s Plastic Surgery. witness accounts of the couple at the convenience store. Looks like the fantasies of f(x) and EXO fans are broken though...". UPDATE (1st June, 12:20pm): SM Entertainment has confirmed the news. They came separately and they were both wearing white masks. While many fans thought it was an April’s Fool joke, SM Entertainment soon confirmed the news. also translated by NB: 1. Recently, Kxx visits more often every month and around 5 in the evening today Kxx stopped by and Kryxxxx stopped by an hour later. © 2017 - Syndicasian - All Rights Reserved. The agency released a simple short statement confirming the split. Would you like it if your school or workplace spread rumors about how you do it with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Kai and Krystal’s dating news somehow turned in a negative light when in May 2016, a convenience store worker uploaded a receipt after she spotted Kai and Krystal’s dating news. The writing on the screen shot reads, "I'm a convenience store part-time worker and I saw Kxx and Kryxxxx both. These photos of warm friendship between idols/celebrities doing pictorial together would make you grab your BFF's hand and go to a n... Ricky Kim expresses his gratitude towards EXO's Kai for watching over Asher and having fun with his son on their recent "Oh... SHINee's Taemin, f(x) Krystal and EXO's Kai are in apparently love triangle concept in their featured pictorial for W Korea maga... Netizens Have Mixed Reactions Towards EXO KAI's Outfit. Let them enjoy their love life. Kai started coming here since five months back (around once or twice a month) but recently, he started visiting more frequently per month, and I also saw Krystal for the first time today. Moreover, the couple was not picky about where to eat as they would choose delicious food over luxury restaurants. A lot of the items on there are normal items people would buy (like chips, ramen, and juice), until you get to the last two items.

1 Amber Liu and Krystal Jun; 2 His Name; 3 Smile; 4 Lost Puppy; 5 Luna's Visit; 6 In Convenience Store; 7 Amber's Friend; 8 First Approach; 9 Painful Ankle; 10 Come In; 11 Stolen Shot; 12 Stay Away; 13 Krystal-free?

Is it your hobby or something to bring shame upon other people? ... EXO's Kai is a charming model in the latest issue of L'Officiel Hommes magazine. Fans question DC Inside post calling for Irene to leave Red Velvet, Cosmetics stores remove 'Clinique' advertisements featuring Red Velvet's Irene after attitude controversy, Editor who exposed Red Velvet Irene's self-admitted rude behavior makes new statement, Korean netizens rage over Chinese K-Pop idols celebrating China's military involvement in the Korean War, Red Velvet's Irene admits she's the idol star in editor's controversial post, BTS' "Boy With Luv" becomes the group's 2nd M/V to hit 1 billion views on YouTube, ENHYPEN reveals another cinematic debut trailer titled 'Dusk-Dawn', Kim Jaejoong surprises fans with new OST, posts updates about new photoshoot and invites to online dinner, JBJ95 teases their comeback with lyric posters for 'Jasmin', DRIPPIN drops album preview and tracklist for their debut mini-album 'Boyager'. So first off, if this is true, it’s a huge invasion of privacy and the convenience store employee should be fired.

Already known as friends and easily recognizable in public, Kai and Krystal avoided crowded places like the Gangnam area. The Story Behind The “Sweet But Psycho” Girl Who Stabbed Her... BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had Been Scammed 1 Billion Won By Ex-Manager, Dine With A View At These Unique Restaurants In Klang Valley. [+8, -1] I’m thinking it’s a receipt left by another couple that someone’s trying to pass off as Kaistal, EXO to release full Japanese studio album this year, EXO’s Kai is suffering from spinal disc issues, EXO to return as an 8-member group next comeback, EXO’s Suho and Chanyeol are on a quest for a great meal.

Here’s the store employee’s story that they wrote on PANN, translated by NetizenBuzz: “I work part time at a convenience store and I saw KXX and KXXXX both, KXX has been coming since May (about once or twice a month) but I saw KXXXX for the first time today.

After all, they are only human. The reason I knew it was KXX was because he was wearing a cast on his leg.”, “When he first came in, I didn’t know who he was because he wore a mask and a hat but he said, ‘Hyung, give me your card’ when he was checking out and the voice sounded like Kai but I still thought I misheard or something. However, the OP was insistent, commenting, "When Kxx first came here he was wearing a mask and a cap and right outside the door was an unidentified man, and Kxx asked him for the card to be rang up and the voice sounded like Kxx; I thought that I just misheard and thought I was imagining things. But seeing that he comes here at least once a month, I thought that he must know someone who lives at the villa here. Moreover, the staff was accused to indirectly promoting their business. The Reason Why People Were Queuing To Purchase This KL Condominium.

... TXT's Huening Kai and VIVA's Ria. Kai started coming here since five months back (around once or twice a month) but recently, he started visiting more frequently, and I also saw Krystal for the first time today. They have a private life, I’m sure this is embarrassing for them too. 11. He came at least once a month so I figured he knew someone who lived in the villas around here but I never saw any fans around the area in particular.

7. medianet_crid = "816298128"; Are You Curious About Who EXO’s Kai Girlfriend Is? (and we’re almost certain that it is). Just leave them alone. Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. Krystal and Kai were first reported to be dating on 1st April last year. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Despite the shield of fans who initially believed that the pictures were of his trainer, it is clear that the man in the picture is Kai as both of them have the exact same hairstyle. Alleged CCTV photos of Kai and Krystal from a room escape cafe are uploaded on Pann and being shared on SNS.

She asked me if she could charge her phone and I thought her white mask strange so I looked at her face and it was Kryxxxx. I was only 80% certain. I’m also glad to see that netizens are defending Kai and Krystal. If anything, we should be shaming people for not using condoms. It was reported that the couple has been friends since their trainee days. They need their private lives too and just imagine how embarrassed they are; they're grownups after all so of course they can do it if they're dating. In an online post, the employee wrote, “I’m a convenience store part-time worker and I saw Kai and Krystal both. Usually, Kai and Krystal dated like any normal college couple.

One asked, “Have they ever bought condoms?”. Well, what do you think? They came separately and they were both wearing white masks. Hansol rumored to have left NCT and SM Entertainment. Pann: [Shocking] Convenience store receipt shows list of what Krystal and Kai bought Pomegranate juice Blue juice Canned Asahi beer Shrimp ramen bowl Spicy soup bowl Caramel candy Vanilla candy Spicy shrimp chips Shrimp chips Kettle chips Garlic baguette Chocolate Milk chocolate Unidus long love condom 3 Durex condom 3

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