She said, “We are adding a filter and a some other features to this table to make it easily found in the footer.” We checked out the table and it is sorted by update time, with the most recent on top. Now that complete records of fires on InciWeb are going to be purged after the fire is no longer active, try to picture how these people will obtain information from the official records shown in the two photos above. As of Saturday night they had completed over six miles of firing, most of it along Jenkin Creek Road and Forest Road 220, working southeast toward the community of Luna, NM, population 246. Continue reading “Wallow fire fight moves into New Mexico”. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. But I have found that before the recent major change, I could use Google to search just the InciWeb site to find complete records of fires that occurred years earlier. Now, finding a particular fire can be challenging. Click here. Wonder why the officials just don't close access to all public land until the snow flies. Bullock says economic recovery could lag if COVID-19 cases keep climbing, Gallatin County health official concerned by increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations, Gallatin County reports 68 new COVID-19 cases; 198 active, Bozeman Health unveils new critical care unit, Health department releases more COVID-19 data, Opposition to Obamacare becomes political liability for GOP incumbents, Pavilion at Bozeman's Bogert Park reopens with new name, Bozeman recognized as top cross-country destination, Contrasting backgrounds shape state auditor race, Gallatin County health officer paints grim picture as virus surges. Be Nice. Here is an excerpt from their update, which for some crazy reason was sent out as a GoogleDoc, rather than a format that could be more easily utilized: The fire is 6% contained. In 2008 InciWeb, the site to which the public is directed to obtain critical information about ongoing wildfires, was inoperable at times. [Update at 5:03 MDT September 11, 2018: Ms. Schuldheisz just notified us,  after she read this article, that there is a way to view a list of fires. There is no cost, and in case you change your mind each email has an unsubscribe button. Aerial attack on the Gibralter Ridge Fire. or anything. The size of the fire increased by about 13,000 acres to 443,989 acres, and it is still reported to be 6% contained. There will be some one that will do something that will result in a wild fire. Before it existed it was difficult for the public to ferret out current information about fires that may be threatening their property. Your average IT person or web designer might have trouble understanding this. At that time, more than $168.5 million of mostly federal money was spent battling about 1,400 fires, big and small, that have charred nearly 780 square miles statewide, according to the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. The Gallatin City-County Health Department reported Monday there were 15 county residents hospitalized for COVID-19. A revised acreage will probably show that the fire has grown by 10,000 to 15,000 acres. Burnout preparations will continue along FR 74 and Trail 33 through Malay Gap and along FR 116. If you know the name you can look for it in the pull-down list at upper-right. Clicking adds a little more information — the acres, when it was updated, and the containment percentage. Have a wildland fire news tip? Maybe it’s time, after several years, to take this seriously and develop a version that is not BETA. In recent weeks the performance of the site has gotten even worse. ================================================. Incident management teams would create websites from scratch for fire information, staple paper copies of updates along a “trap line” of bulletin boards in communities near the fire, place the information on social media platforms, or just send news releases to their regular mailing list. us forest service maps montana: Amended Closure Order Howe Ridge Fire Information InciWeb the Incident Information System New fire season, new look for InciWeb | Local | Meyers Fire Maps InciWeb the Incident Information System In addition, since the capability to add video to InciWeb was added a few years ago, storage space for those files which can be fairly large has also become an issue.”. If people don’t know where to find fire information, then posting it somewhere serves little purpose. Last night firefighters finished burnout between Forest Road (FR) 275 and FR 220 northeast of Alpine; burnout completed near South Fork; and a 3-mile burnout operation was completed in the Turkey Creek drainage along FR 281 toward Blue Creek. Tanker 911, the DC-10, made two sorties to the fire. Steve Bullock said Tuesday that Montana’s economy is recovering from the pandemic-induced recession, but he warned that the economy could decline again if Montanans don’t take the virus more seriously. And, invest a few dollars to ensure the hardware is adequate. Find a copy of the Chronicle. Health Headlines Coronavirus. When we inquired yesterday about the status of InciWeb after the San Bernardino NF had the problem, Jennifer Jones, a spokesperson in the U.S. Forest Service’ Boise office, was kind enough to reply to us on a Sunday, saying: It appears that the current problem isn’t with the inciweb application itself but with the new Ness Application Portal through which you now log in to inciweb to enter and update incident information. On Sunday June 12 at 10 am, the Apache County Sheriffs Office, after consulting with fire officials, has lifted the evacuation for the residents of the Springerville, Eagar and South Fork areas. You have permission to edit this collection. There were 15 helicopters and six air tankers assigned or available on the fire yesterday. Structure protection, burnout and mop-up operations to strengthen containment lines and patrol for spot fires will continue. How embarrassing is it that a web site existing primarily to provide information during emergencies has THIS as a banner across the top of the page: That banner has been on the site for months, not just for a few hours while a bug is being fixed. Inciweb Montana Fire Map Sapphire Complex Little Hogback Maps InciWeb the Incident printable. If InciWeb is dependable and user friendly for everyone involved, it stands a better chance of success and will be more likely to serve the needs of the intended users. ESPECIALLY, if the purpose of the web site is to provide critical information to users who in many cases at that moment are being adversely affected by an emergency. There is no apparent way to sort the column of your choice.].