8.4 ★ 383 votes. He should have killed Qingwu. However, I feel like the title is more appropriate for DFS's attitude towards BQ and LQW's attitude towards CY. Like Liked by 1 person. The finale, which aired on Tuesday, March 5th, was a roller coaster ride of events. Ariel, who plays the beggar Hua Buqi, is facing enemies from all corners, as her secret identity of being … They meet and get separated frequently. I know how these things go especially when it comes to historical ones.. If you’re looking for a drama where the main couple is together often then look elsewhere. Like Liked by 2 people. This doesn’t bother me much if they carried the plot well (but they didn’t) and I got frustrated near the end when the reasons for their misunderstandings could’ve been omitted (i.e. I am conflicted when it comes to I Will Never Let You, this isn't my first Chinese drama and it certainly won't be my last. flo says: April 3, 2019 at 3:29 pm He might not get any girl, at least he has gotten his boy before. I definitely thought the ending was uncalled for especially since up until the end this was romantic comedy type drama. cough love 020 cough . He has a very short memory when it comes to how Qingwu had tortured Bu Qi. After the first 16-18 episodes, we rarely see them together. Profile. Like we imagined CY and BQ saying "I will never let you go" to each other, and for good reason as they had been needlessly separated so many times that when they see each other and are finally settled they can say that to each other finally. All 50 episodes of Ariel Lin’s (林依晨) comeback television drama I Will Never Let You Go < 小女花不弃 >, her first period drama in five years, has ended, and fans are still trying to digest of what exactly happened in that last episode. 2,370 Watchers #1307 Most Popular. I have to admit that like many viewers, I feel a bit cheated once it got to the last stretch of episodes. He has forgotten how Qingwu was going to sell Bu Qi into a brothel. Reply. So the subtitle of this drama is really ” I Will Never Let You Go in this Lifetime only.” LOL. It is a true puzzle. I Will Never Let You Go 2019 (China), also known as Xiao Nu Hua Bu Qi, Little Girl Does Not Give Up, Legend of Hua Bu Qi, Legend of Huo Buo, 小女花不棄 is China drama premiere on Jan 8, 2019 on ZJTV .