REVIEW: Should you upgrade to the new Apple Series Watch 6? Zhang began her career by acting in the historical drama Banner Hero. Unexpectedly, he is married now. Before He Jie appeared, the lovers Zhang Xinyu had met were not really right pe. Viann’s manager has since confirmed their union, stating, “The … Xiao Zhan’s participation in Ace Troops is coming. Secondly, it gradually rarely appeared on the screen, rarely participated in programs, and was rarely exposed to the media. [Photo/VCG] She wrote, "I am a wilful person who often stumbles in her journey, and discovering many things to be learned in life. However, two young hearts gradually approached because of mutual attraction. The corpse of a Chinese American female poker player found in the parking lot, the wreckage was horribly charred, When the US-Canada cruise ship meets and compares, tourists complain: they know why the new crown is raging in the United States, not Canada, The woman heard a baby crying on the roof of her house and climbed up to find a newborn baby, The new crown epidemic has intensified, half of the world’s cases are concentrated in three countries, and the US increases by 2,600 cases per hour, Purslane is called “Longevity Grass“. Coupled with the ever-increasing number of contacts between the two on the show, Zhang Xinyu and He Jie have a secret love for each other. After the program ended, Zhang Xinyu has developed a relationship with He Jie, and he has developed a relationship with He Jie in August 2018. 1 in the whole network! It would be because of one reason: When I marry him, I marry for love,” Chinese actress Viann Zhang Xinyu says of her engagement with He Jie, a military officer in China. On August 27th, Zhang Xinyu and He Jie held a wedding ceremony in Shanghai and officially entered the marriage hall. [12], In 2016, Zhang starred alongside Zhu Yilong in Border Town Prodigal, adapted from the classic novel of the same name by Gu Long. From then on, she no longer lives alone and formed a happy family belonging to her and He Jie. Zhao Liying“s new play, produced by Sun Hao, director of Qing Yu Nian. Venus’s words made Liu Wei completely stupid. Netizen: Marrying the right person ! Count the five best players in each position in the NBA. Before He Jie appeared, the lovers Zhang Xinyu had met were not really right people. Celebrate Yu Nian 2 officially launched, still the original crew, the screenwriter revealed many details! Because after He Jie appeared, Zhang Xinyu's life has since been rewritten. INTERVIEW: Chef Kirk Westaway of Jaan on valuing your staff — “This restaurant is my dream and they’re putting in their heart and soul to help me achieve it”, REVIEW: The LG Tone Free FN6 earbuds have inconsistent touch controls, Parti Liyani case: Chief Justice to appoint tribunal to probe DPPs for alleged misconduct, Wall Street Quietly Predicts Massive Market Event, Jeremy Fernando saga: NUS considered alleged victims' mental health before making police report – Tommy Koh, 6 Easy 3-Ingredient Sweet Treats You Have To Try, 41 Hottest Products Going To Sell Out In 2020, Thomas seizes PGA Zozo lead as Tiger follows 76 with 66, Trump-Biden debate: President’s family U-turn on face masks after refusing to wear them at first encounter, Turning point in Thailand: Queen's brush with protest, Prince William Was *Pissed* About How the Palace Handled Meghan Markle Going into Labor, This Is Why Belly Fat Is Especially Dangerous, Study Says, Investors react to last Trump-Biden election debate. She gained increased attention for her role as Li Mochou in The Romance of the Condor Heroes, based on the novel The Return of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong. 10 Aug – Chinese actress Zhang Xinyu (Viann Zhang) recently announced that she and non-showbiz boyfriend He Jie have recently tied the knot. In fact, I would like to thank the variety show "Arabic Dogs". Because He Jie spent most of his time in the army, he went home only when he was resting. [18] He Jie is an armed police commander in special operations and held the rank of captain. On the scene, Zhang Xinyu left a happy tear. The month is married. [13], In 2017, Zhang played the female lead in historical drama Song of Phoenix, which focuses on the legendary life of great Chinese poet Qu Yuan from the Warring States Period.