The parody, designed as a long film trailer, replaces the authentic special effects and models used in "Star Wars" with low-budget replacements, mostly in the form of household appliances. Meanwhile, somewhere in another part of the galaxy, brave Fluke Starbucker and his mentor, Augie "Ben" Doggie, retrieve a crucial message from the loyal robots, Artie-Deco and 4-Q-2, and join forces with the intergalactic rebel, Ham Salad, and his shaggy partner, Chuke-Chilla. Suffice it to say that many of the most popular and familiar aspects of Star Wars have fun poked at them. I'm just guessing, but I figured that Fossellius, the director of the original HW, didn't care to have his short film "enhanced," regardless of the satirical intent. Nick Riganas. Deliberately low-budget effects and props were used, most notably ordinary household appliances such as toasters and irons as spaceships (hence the title), and an exploding basketball in place of a planet. In a short that is celebrated for its intentional cheesiness, this is a major error. For example, the Lucas' Millenium Falcon in "Hardware Wars" is an electric iron, the Death Star is a waffle iron, an imperial cruiser is an electric mixer, and the squat droid R2-D2 becomes a canister vacuum cleaner called "Artee-Deco". Teepa Snow Alzheimers Dementia Care for Family Caregivers' 3-DVD Bundle for Mid-Sta... How to Program: Computer Science Concepts and Python Exercises, Sheaffer Intensity Pen, Jet Black/Chrome (SH/9233-2), Brass Bullet Shaped Ballpoint Pen with Rifle Design Clip, Satin Gold. Star War The Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West, List of references to Star Wars in television. Not long after George Lucas' original "Star Wars" film took theaters throughout the world by storm in 1977, a very silly 13-minute long parody entitled "Hardware Wars" … This is a short parody of the movie Star Wars. Hardware Wars also appeared alongside Plan 9 from Outer Space on the horror hosted television series Cinema Insomnia. The characters, played by actors who were just as low-budget as the props, were also parodied in name and appearance; for example, Chewbacca the Wookiee was replaced by "Chewchilla the Wookiee Monster," an obvious Cookie Monster puppet with a brown dye-job, and Darth Vader's counterpart, "Darph Nader," wore a welding helmet that distorted his voice so much that no one could understand anything he said. Hardware Wars was the first in a long line of SW spoofs which form their own subgenre these days. This FAQ is empty. Hardware Wars was written and directed by San Francisco native Ernie Fosselius. But I was apprehensive when I saw that this version was a digitally enhanced "Special Edition."