The result is that you could be wasting gas and/or generating dangerous carbon monoxide.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You get a blue gas flame with a hydrocarbon gas when you have enough oxygen for complete combustion. Please remarks that hot bodies have cold color temperatures and vice-versa.

When you adjusted the Bunsen burner to increase the air supply you got more complete combustion, less soot, a higher temperature and a blue gas flame colour. The exception is a gas fireplace flame color being yellow, for a more realistic look. Sometimes it is obvious when a gas appliance malfunctions. Color Temperature Chart.

Something as simple as a ventilation change (getting fresh air to the appliance to sustain complete combustion) may cause a gas appliance to malfunction, and create a hazardous situation for the people around. In all but exceptional cases, like decorative propane gas fireplace flames, you always want a blue gas flame colour from a gas appliance burner. Sodium’s flame colour is also very strong, and can easily mask the colours of other metal ions. It is important to note that color is not always a determinant of temperature, since certain chemicals may burn hotter.

The heat from fire is dependent on the type of fuel being burned and the chemical reaction that is taking place as a result as the fuel reacts with oxygen. Burning wood has a yellow flame colour due to incandescence of very fine soot particles that are produced in the flame. Red flames can be from 500 to 800 degrees Celsius, while white flames can be 1,600 C or more.

How Does a Blue Gas Flame Colour Mean You Save Money? Gas flames are normally blue but sometimes they burn red or yellow when there is a problem. You also minimise or eliminate the creation of carbon monoxide.

var addy4deefab090e99e1ce55133d51b3a5ab0 = 'blog' + '@'; A blue gas flame colour means complete combustion.

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A natural gas (methane gas) blue flame colour means it burns at about 1,960°C. Propane torch flame temperature colour would also be blue.

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If an appliance is not correctly installed and maintained or has been modified, the products of combustion might change, and become hazardous to the people around the appliance. For natural gas, the methane gas flame color is blue and the temperature is about 1,960°C. If you observe any of these warning signs, you should schedule a service as soon as possible.

Burners blocked with dirt can result in improper combustion, leading to soot build up inside the appliance. Flame Colour (Color) Temperature Chart On the following gas flame colour temperature chart, a blue LPG - Propane gas flame color means it burns at a temperature of around 1,980°C. The exceptions to this are gas fireplaces and gas log fires that are designed to have a yellow gas flame colour. Incomplete combustion also results in hazardous carbon monoxide: Gas + Oxygen = Water + Carbon Dioxide + Carbon Monoxide + Heat. Orange flames, for example, typically occur at temperatures of 1,100 to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes in Microsoft Office format, is ready to be tailored to your personal needs. The color of a flame is often related to its temperature, although the molecule being burned is relevant as well.

This email address is being protected from spambots. An easy way to keep track of color temperature is to think of a flame: it starts out yellow and orange, but when it gets really hot, it turns blue. Color temperature should be interpreted as the temperature of a body that would generate a very similar color of light. Sooty smoke, red or yellow flames or poor performance are indicators, but sometimes no indicators are obvious. This indicates that the gas is being burned efficiently without any unburned and wasted gas.

General Enquiries: 0800 435 427 | Emergencies: 0800 435 427. This graphic is also purchasable in large poster form, or even on a mug, here . var addy_text707432165562b4d0d741dbd736b844f9 = 'nz';document.getElementById('cloak707432165562b4d0d741dbd736b844f9').innerHTML += ''+addy_text707432165562b4d0d741dbd736b844f9+'<\/a>'; The information in this article is derived from various sources and is believed to be correct at the time of publication. What you didn't see was that incomplete combustion was also producing dangerous carbon monoxide.