Out of all of the moves at his disposal, it’s the most devastating and breathtaking. Even if you compare it to someone such as Big E, who now does the move, Ultimate Warrior's just didn't have as much power or force to look great as a finish. A finishing move is a professional wrestler’s calling card. With that said, Aleister Black’s finishing move, the Black Mass, is genuinely terrifying. The move just lacked the major impact that a finisher should have, and felt more like it would work as a transition move or a special move for others. NEXT: 10 Things You Didn't Know Hulk Hogan Did Outside Of Wrestling. The Immortal One, Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest and biggest names in the history of the industry. Although Asuka kicked out of it at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, it’s still one of the most protected finishers in WWE. It just wasn't memorable and it stood out as a weak finishing move in comparison to his impressive Chokeslam. It’s an innovative move that looks painful and it’s unique to AEW’s resident Role Model. When people think of their favorite wrestlers, they often go to the moments that they first found joy in them. New, Which Title Does Elias Think WWE Should Rename? However, when comparing his Warrior Splash to other finishers of that period, the move just really wasn't great. Baron Corbin can be considered a bland character even with the king gimmick he took on after he won the 2019 King of the Ring tournament. From one WWE big man to another, Mark Henry also unfortunately suffered from having a rather lame finishing move. The move fits Black’s stoic and imposing character and it makes him a tough competitor, who can quickly end any fight. Perhaps something from the top rope or just a really impactful move in the ring. Whether that be in a five-star match or an unforgettable segment, that's how they become legends to fans. At AEW All Out 2019, he notoriously used the hold to force Kenny Omega to pass out and cemented himself as a serious threat. Perfect"? Something about it just made you want to jump out of your seat and cheer every time he pulled it off. More importantly, he doesn’t overuse it so it legitimately signals the end of the match if he manages to land it. The Legit Boss made it her own by adding her trademark backstabber transition into it. It’s instrumental to their success. The World's Largest Athlete has had multiple finishers throughout his career and while the Chokeslam is certainly a great one that always looked dominant, the KO Punch wasn't the same. However, as stated earlier heels shy away from using flashy moves like this. While it made sense in terms of his size and power, it wasn't like he never threw punches. As such, Charlotte Flair’s Figure 8 Leg Lock and Becky Lynch’s Dis-arm-her have become deadly maneuvers that usually result in a win. What made this any different? He was always great to watch wrestle, but that doesn't mean his finisher wasn't lame. and in addition. However, no woman on the WWE roster has devised more creative ways to ensnare their opponent in her finishing move than Sasha Banks. He brought an excellent in-ring style and tons of pace in comparison to many people around him at that time. Take a closer look at 40 of WWE's most famous finishing maneuvers, featuring the signature moves of today's top Superstars. Who Is WWE's "Female Mr. Then, McIntyre dethroned Lesnar at The Showcase of the Immortals to win the WWE Championship. 10. The move itself was just quite lame, with a sock being used as a finish. Outside of wrestling, the RKO became an internet sensation when people used it in memes and endless video compilations, making it as popular as the aforementioned Stone Cold Stunner. Moon had a great look, a dynamic presentation complete with an epic theme song, and she had exceptional in-ring abilities. It's certainly interesting and would work really well as a special move or just part of her arsenal, as it is an asset to her. However, fans often overlook many things with great wrestlers, and one of those is their finishers. Corbin’s Deep Six is also a beautiful signature move that he often executes as a reversal or a way to punish his opponent when they rebound off the ropes. During her run with NXT, The War Goddess used the Eclipse to put The Empress of Tomorrow’s winning streak in jeopardy. When you had Steve Austin hitting Stunners and Triple H dropping a Pedigree, this move really stood out, and not in a good way. What about every wrestler who punches during matches? The Scissor Kick is something that does look fantastic and is believable in terms of impact, but there is one major problem. 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. McIntyre’s 181-day reign has further legitimized the finishing move, but his feud with Randy Orton made the destructive single-leg dropkick look even more deadly. RELATED: 10 Most Athletic Big Men In Wrestling History. RELATED: 10 Matches That Had Totally Botched Finishes. RELATED: 10 Things Mick Foley Never Accomplished In Wrestling.