Step 2: Search your restaurant in the search bar to check whether the restaurant is listed on Swiggy or not. Once the restaurant is selected and the order placed, the restaurant which has its own Swiggy application receives the order details and starts preparing for the order. “One of the things that helped us is that we have spent a lot of time in understanding and analysing the demand in particular areas. The email id is If the restaurant is found in the Swiggy listing then click on claim the listing. Besides the core business practices, Swiggy also makes money in the form of affiliate income by referring credit cards to its customers.

On the other hand, Zomato, Swiggy’s biggest competitor, made revenue of INR 1350.47 Cr with total expenses of INR 3109 Cr leading in FY19, meaning it made a loss of INR 1758.5 Cr during the same period. And finally, send the food to the customers in Right Time. Tell us what you think about our article on swiggy business model in the comments section. The photo stream of a restaurant gives diners an idea about what to expect at the restaurant in terms of ambiance, service, and food. G4S Facility Management company Business Model. With their idea of ’hyperlocal food delivery’, all they needed was the tech to power it and were introduced to Rahul Jaimini, who brought this vision to life with the first website. If you run a restaurant and want to expand your business, Swiggy helps you with no extra effort. The partners can be divided into two categories: Restaurant Partners: The restaurant partners are restaurants which opt to deliver to customers that come from Swiggy application and website.
StyleMyCatalog: is OneStop Junction for selling on multiple Marketplace & India's Most Trusted Cataloging Service Provider. Swiggy Access ( Swiggy Operated Cloud Kitchens ). StyleMyCatalog a leader retail data and Content Cervices helping sellers on-boarding product data and content, standardizing and optimizing product data or registration services. Today, Swiggy is the leading food ordering and delivery platform in India. It not only aggregates restaurants but also organises a fleet of delivery partners which deliver the food (in less than 30 minutes) on-demand. It provides a platform to numerous restaurants, retail stores, and cafes to satisfy the hunger of food lovers and expand its business to a great extent. The purpose of doing this is to meet the demand of consumer in those areas where supply is low but demand is very high. The app is launched and promoted by Bundl Technologies Private Limited. Step 5: After submitting the form to partner with Swiggy, an executive from Swiggy will contact you to verify the details provided.

You can open the Swiggy application on your mobile phones or visit the Swiggy website and you will find a whole list of restaurants to order from. Upon successful filing, the form, officials of Swiggy will contact you. With so many on demand food-delivery startups nowadays, is it still profitable to start a food-delivery startup? The registered partner can do the following with the Business App. Part-time or full-time freelancers who provide their service to earn some extra penny. While the registration form is the best way, incase of issue, you can email to with subject “I want to partner my restaurant with Swiggy”. © 2014-2020 Swiggy recently became the first aggregator to offer the 30 minutes or free delivery feature to customers. Partnering with Swiggy is a commission-based model. Even if stock photos have been legally purchased by the restaurant, they are not uploaded as they do not depict the true nature of the food and service provided by the restaurant. A single frame can only contain a single photo.

and you can also earn a lot of money just like them. Swiggy access is a warehouse type things where they provide a kitchen to almost 5 restaurants in one place.

| Stripe Business Model, What Is A Business Model? A proud computer engineer who found his calling in Digital Marketing. Graphic Design, Restaurants are promoted and displayed in their app and website pertaining to regions. This commission is charged on the full bill amount which is inclusive of the Goods and Service Tax charged over and above the menu price. To strengthen its hold in the food-tech space and to bring in high orders, no commission fees will be levied for restaurants that cross the weekly 50-order mark. The address needs to be in a standardized format for easy understanding for users and for consistency.

You surely can.
They can now place their orders in slots of 30 minutes, a minimum of two hours and a maximum of 48 hours in advance. Product or company names, logos, and trademarks referred to on this site belong to their respective owners. Download the app and login using the same credentials that are used to claim your listing. The following are the different sources that Swiggy makes money from:-. Images where logos and social media handles take up a significant portion of the image are not used to avoid the notion of promoting restaurants. Swiggy has recently launched Swiggy Super which is a membership program for customers. You and the Swiggy representative will enter into a written agreement. Provide easy and quick payment gateways to provide an excellent experience to customers. Helping People To Register Their Business In India. Swiggy has created a huge buzz in the market since it was launched, it makes sure to provide the best quality of food to the food lovers by collaborating with numerous restaurants and retail stores. to sell their credit cards to the customers.

As they say, the rest is history. Step 1: To add a restaurant in Swiggy, visit the Add Restaurant Link and fill the registration form with restaurant name, phone number, city etc. Get real time notifications and reviews, and can easily answer reviews. The small restaurants can’t afford to keep a dedicated person to sit at the phone desk to take order calls, write down the order on a piece of paper. There are certain benefits which they can enjoy, explore to know which are those ones: Numerous channels are included in the business model, which helps you deliver excellent service and reach a huge customer base. Eaters who avoid going physically to restaurants and retail stores.