Written by: Alex Meenehan. weren't gonna make it this time. Rita admits that she messed up and Preston says that from now on no more phone calls, only meeting in person and that she needs to reach out to Cronyn (his lawyer) and find out who Hector is and what he knows… and Hector knows all since he’s watching everything. Amazingly, Alex still has that ten-year-old laptop with the videos on it, and Harry takes the computer away. Edgar connects Marcos and Arias to a shady Haitian under CIA protection. Irving faces his first debate with fellow mayoral candidates Lopez and Killoran. He looks like a tough guy (and he is! Decades ago, that theater was the flagship movie house for. The season opens with a shot of a plane landing at a remote airport. Bosch tells Elizabeth Clayton that McMullen the street preacher says she called a man to pick her up. Bosch tells Edgar about Henry and wonders if the DA would really hang a case solely on another convict's word. Barrel ceremoniously toasts his late friend at the bar clicking two glasses together. Season 5 is an adaptation of the Michael Connelly novel Two Kinds of Truth. Bosch is trying to formulate a plan when Reece charges ahead and kicks in the door to Cliff's room. Cliff makes eye contact with Agent Reece, up on the fire escape. Irvin Irving thinks to undermine Jack Killoran's attacks over the homeless population by organizing a task force, "Operation Safe Sidewalks", to deal with the homeless. Pierce and Vega find more body parts, and tie their murder to an ongoing RHD case. came up with a dozen pistolas We see Heather stitching a flag patch to a backpack and gives it to Ian. Bosch realizes not everything with the Borders investigation was as it appeared. April 19, 2019. Stan's gun, that is. Seeing Irving shred that evidence picture of Preston’s bedroom from before the search is making us feel like Irving planted that evidence and not Bosch, which would be pretty shocking since Irving hasn’t exactly been presented as they type of cop that would do something like that, but we do have to remember that this case is from decades back and he could’ve been in a very different mind set at that time – especially with someone like Preston! Bosch season 6 episode 5 photo credit: Saeed Adyani/Amazon Seeking justice for Daisy. Back at the station, Bosch and Edgar get a lead on the Esquivel murder: suspicious prescriptions written by a Dr. Garcia. Harry talks to two men from Daisy Clayton’s past. Unfortunately, another heart attack in the hospital left him with no chance of making changes. I've watch the entire Bosch TV series (seasons 1-6 so far). Since Bosch’s visit to Preston he is really on edge trying to figure out what he knows and if he really has tapes with Rita on them doing some shady nonsense.