I was kinda sad but this made me feel better. You might have seen this trending dance show up on your "For You" page several times, which is a surefire sign it's your turn to try it. Instead, TikTok-ers seem to enjoy timing their actions to specific sounds, such as the clap or the jackhammer drum breakdown on the hook. Donating part of proceeds to fund a research program at Institut Curie. Alexa Sings Ed Sheeran! Get used to it: TikTok is here to stay. So, what’s holding you back from recording amazing videos with your dance crew? Stay updated on the latest news with our carefully curated newsletters. Hawks nab director of company over R4.8m fraud in OR Tambo Municipality, Self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri earns over R500,000 a month, Husband of one of businesswomen gunned down in Polokwane arrested, Army general on 'special leave' after high-flying wife's arrest for fraud. Follow their lead, and add any of these dance challenges for couples to your to-do list ASAP. However, there's also a dance version that's a little bit easier to try. Due largely to the awesome concept, it’s definitely one of the best TikTok challenges. The #HandClapping challenge is exactly what you think it would be. You face each other and dance to the song "Need A Freak" by Mighty Bay. At this point, the most well-known and successful crossover challenge, any list would be remiss in bypassing this one. Bored out of your mind in lockdown, the #distancedance is what you need to pick to get a lot of traction on TikTok. Mean comments, trolls and millennial keyboard warriors have had their fun on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more, but for some reason, they haven’t succeeded on TikTok. Harm Franklin) – Curtis Waters. They — and their creative challenges — deserve some of the attention, too. It will be a fun game to see if you guys can keep up with each other. Renegade is the sort of TikTok challenge that you should never fail to try out. One challenge this week is to dance at the highest and lowest spots on the map. You can have a fun time out plus film an informative video for your followers. The Ndlovu Youth Choir has taken on the 'Jerusalema' dance challenge with their own rendition of the global hit track. Addison Rae, one of TikTok’s most followed creators (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images), Social media has always come with a lot of negativity. “Out of all the platforms I’ve used, TikTok is the most fun!” social media personality and TikTok-creator-nearing-one-million-followers Bryanboy told me. While the ban on WeChat... Vietnamese Man Builds a Crazy “iPhone-Fence” for His House, Donald Trump’s TikTok Ban Temporarily Blocked by US Judge, US Delays TikTok Ban by One Week as Trump Approves Oracle-TikTok Deal “in Concept”. TikTok is by no means a perfect platform, and has without a doubt come with its fair share of controversies involving blocking content including LGBTQ+ references as well as creating an algorithm that favors “white dancing girls.” But, as TikTok’s final 48-hours are here, we’re looking into how the app changed social media as we know it. There are even YouTube tutorials dedicating to teaching more fans these creators’ often witty choreography. He urged South Africans to show the world what the country's citizens are capable of. “It’s highly engaging and addictive. Another attempt by the Trump administration to deny transgender rights. TikTok Sues Trump Administration to Prevent App Ban in the U.S. It's a lot easier to get in the groove and have fun when you have the best dance partner by your side. Guess the Pop Star Under the Emoji Face! Plus, it's short, so there aren't a lot of moves you have to remember. It’s a lot of upper-body stuff, which is probably what led to the video’s disco concept, as well. In memory of our favorite dance challenges. It demands you and your besties to record clips with them taking something weird out of the fridge. After tackling the first "Savage," try this one. “As a creator, what I like the most on TikTok is the organic reach — when your content is good, even on old content, it can easily go viral! Young Thug. Again, it’s pretty simple to perform and requires three to four people. In memory of our favorite dance challenges. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. 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Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B, ♬ Stunnin’ (feat. The healthy rivalry is proving to be a boon for both creators and fans. By Tora Northman Sep 18, 2020. The #Relationship dance challenge is pretty simple to learn.