There's some serious chemistry between them though, so settle in and prepare to squeal. Have you tried out these cool drinks yet? Till now, Nam Ji-hyun is considered as the best onscreen pair for Ji Chang-Wook. A romantic comedy with a twist, Melting Me Softly trails the lives of a man and woman who partake in a 24-Hour Frozen Human Project for a variety show. Balancing a professional occupation and a creative sideline is actually a possible feat! Ji Chang Wook is a Korean actor,who rose to fame in the leading role in daily drama series "Smile Again", followed by historical dramas. Check out these five dramas to get your Ji Chang Wook fix sorted! Check out his most popular starring roles below. Ji Chang Wook is a prosecutor turned private attorney who … The problem is instead of waking up a day later, the pair come back to their senses after a whole 20 years have passed. Allsorts kdrama, a website exclusively for Korean drama lovers. Ji Chang-wook acted as Baek Dong-soo, A carefree swordsman who changes the fate of the nation after becoming a member of the royal guard. The site is dedicated to all kdrama fans and you can find drama recommendations, drama reviews, top dramas of actors & actresses and Best Dramas of the Years. You'll be endlessly entertained with this one. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. They cross paths once again and find themselves working together at Dae-hyun's family-owned convenience store. 24-Hour Frozen Human Project for a variety show. Also starring: Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Min Kyu, Ahn Sol Bin, The actor was just recently confirmed for the lead role in KakaoTV’s upcoming original drama, City Couple’s Way of Love, the first season of which will be titled My Lovable Camera Thief. Kim Je-ha (played by ji chang wook) is a former mercenary soldier and While on duty in Iraq, he gets framed wrongly for the murder of his lover Raniya, a civilian of Iraq. Melodramatic in the best way, Five Fingers is about a family drama of the highest order. Ji Chang Wook is a prosecutor turned private attorney who harbours deep childhood traumas. you will fall for him for sure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While Ji Ho loves his step-family, he doesn't know they're plotting behind his back, and when he discovers as much, he plans to take revenge. This drama was so popular overseas it led to Ji Chang Wook getting increased recognition internationally. So, which Ji Chang Wook drama is going on your list? Straight from the grid of the kween of Y2K style. The actor even contributed to the the drama's official soundtrack with the song To the Butterfly. If you're a Ji Chang Wook stan, then for sure you're always on the hunt for new content that will satisfy your fangirl heart. The problem is instead of waking up a day later, the pair come back to their senses after a whole 20 years have passed. Ji chang-wook acted as Noh Ji-wook, a short-tempered prosecutor who solves a mysterious psychopath case. As a result, he has to run away from Iraq and becomes a fugitive.Later, He returns to South Korea and he gets an offer to work as a bodyguard for JSS Security Company which is owned by Choi Yoo-jin, wife of the presidential candidate, Jang Se-joon. She had to wear "taong unggoy" prosthetics, which made it difficult for her to breathe the whole day. If you can see, even the Yoo-jin and Je-ha would be great together. Finally, Je-ha determined to protect his love An-na from his partner Yoo-jin who always wanted her stepdaughter to die. He becomes a bodyguard, with the intention of gaining access to resources that'll help him kill the person actually responsible for his lover's death. Seo Jung-hoo (Chang Wook) is an illegal night courier known to his clients as "Healer”. Check out these five dramas to get your Ji Chang Wook fix sorted! No Dirty Laundry: Ivana Alawi Has Nothing to Hide and Here's Why. With their apperances staying the same, and their loved ones having aged, they now have to navigate the new world they've woken up in. Also starring: Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Ji Han. Ji Chang Wook was born on July 5, 1987, he initially started a career in musical theater, then he starred in 2006's film "Days...," later he appeared in a tiny role in the 2008 KBS2 drama You Are Very Good, but he failed to make an impact among viewers. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. If you have not watched this drama, then just see the scene when Je-ha saves Yoo-Jin and the rain scene. The story pictures the difficulties they face upon discovering the truth and the romance between the Healer and the reporter. I'm new at watching but simply love Ji Chang Wook , he is amazing in all the dramas he starred in . Empress Ki highlights her political ambitions, and how she is torn between the love she had for the King of Goryeo, Wang Yu, and the Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. With their apperances staying the same, and their loved ones having aged, they now have to navigate the new world they've woken up in. He encounters a “camera thief” one summer night and has been unable to forget her since. The actress is already considering her next project. More about Ji Chang Wook Listen in 24/7 on Digital Radio, by downloading our free mobile app or by streaming live here on our website. That same year he debuted in a more bigger role in "Sleeping Beauty." Je-ha’s deep concern for An-na creates a conflict between his and his ally, Yoo-jin. 1. From crime thrillers, historical dramas, to fantasy rom-coms, Chang Wook has done them all—and the best part is they’re all available to watch online, too! If you are about to watch Korean Dramas and If you don’t know him, Just watch his K2 Drama. The actor recently finished his military service and word is already out about him working on a new K-drama. He makes bank through his underground business by executing his customer's bidding for the right price, as long as it doesn't involve murder. It was designed by a 20-year-old fashion student in Paris. Through some twisty fun circumstances, he ends up working with Nam Ji Hyun's character, who goes from being a prosecution trainee to murder suspect and later lawyer. Things get complicated quick when Je-ha is soon assigned to protect Se-joon's illegitimate daughter Go An-na who he ends up developing feelings for. Smile, Dong Hae (2010-2011) His role: In this family drama, Chang Wook plays the titular character Dong Hae, who brings his mentally ill mother back to South Korea from the United States. Further, it pictures how Bong-hee finally wins Noh Ji-wook who had resentment for love because of his previous relationship. Vinotha Sep 28 2020 7:31 am Hi , I'm officially addicted to Ji Chang Wook and Korean Dramas. Once a nameless Goryeo-born woman, she rises up social ranks after being taken to the Mongol Empire against her will, and ends up marrying Yuan dynasty emperor Ta Hwan as portrayed by Chang Wook. Drama! EMPRESS KI: Ji Chang Wook acted as Toghon Temür, a weak Emperor of the Mongol Empire. The story starts as he’s mistaken for a molester by prosecutor trainee Eun Bong-hee. The series is about Noh Ji-wook, a prosecutor, and Eun Bong-hee a prosecutor trainee, and how they work together to solve a mysterious case that involved Bong-hee as a suspect! These are the 4 dramas that made him a versatile and Top Actor in all over Asia! Even at the rehearsal of Deep Kissing scene, you can find how Chang-Wook comforted her, well, that would be what all actresses need, “A COMFORT ZONE”.And Of Course, we all know that Korean actors are great in it. He will play the role of Park Chae Won, an architect who loves the city. Who will be the lucky girl to wear this crown? Also starring: Nam Ji Hyun, Cho Tae Joon, Kwon Nara. Watch free Ji Chang Wook (1987)'s dramas online free | Dramacool She marries the emperor of the Mongol Empire (Ji Chang Wook) who loves her deeply despite her still pining for her first love. Inspired by the comic Honorable Baek Dong-soo by Lee Jae-heon, the story is about the life history Baek Dong-soo, Joseon historical figure, and Folk hero. Also starring: Park Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae. He made his onscreen debut in the 2006 film Days... and had a minor role in the 2008 television drama You Stole My Heart. Based on the webtoon series Convenience Store Saet-byul, Backstreet Rookie tells the story of 29-year-old convenience store manager Choi Dae-hyun and his part-time worker Jung Saet-byul. Chang Wook portrays prosecutor Noh Ji-wook on Suspicious Partner. Ji Chang Wook is In Ha, the son of a talented pianist who assumes he'll be the heir to the family business, until his dad brings home an illegitimate son, Ji Ho, who grows up to become a pianist prodigy. Yea, Our Ji Chang-Wook, the man with a most pretty smile. The story focuses on Gi Seungnyang, who ascends to the throne as empress of the Chinese Yuan dynasty despite the era's class system working against her. If you're a Ji Chang Wook stan, then for sure you're always on the hunt for new content that will satisfy your fangirl heart. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won confirmed to star in upcoming drama "City Couple Way of Love". The series all about brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, and honor. Historical K-drama fans, this is the one for you. An action-thriller drama, Ji Chang Wook plays a former mercenary soldier turned fugitive after being framed for his lover's murder. Can't get enough of this Hallyu heartthrob? Here's what comes to mind when they hear words like "swimsuit," "feminisim," or "2020.". How Much Is the Miss Universe Philippines Crown? Action! Through this drama, Ji Chang wook branded himself as an Actor Star in South Korea and all over Asia. Visit Preview Magazine's profile on Pinterest. He officially debuted in 2008 through the film, Sleeping Beauty. The two met three years ago when Saet-byul was still a trouble-making highschooler. There is no chance that he would take up such a role in the future as after watching the action thriller like “The K2”, his fans would never like him taking such a weak portrayal. All the Korean Drama Lovers would love him !! As Choi Yoo-jin promised him to help in taking his revenge, he became one of the bodyguards of the famous JSS Security Company!When Je-ha is assigned to guard An-na, Jang Se-joon’s hidden daughter, the love starts between Je-ha and An-na! Though it has modest success in South Korea, the series was a major hit in other countries of Asia. You guys, Ji Chang Wook will soon be visiting us here in Manila!In preparation for his much-anticipated *arrival*, here's a rundown of Chang Wook's lead roles in K-dramas: . He accepts the offer as another presidential candidate is Park Kwan-soo, the one who killed his lover and gets him Framed. Despite his prior success, Jung-hoo ends up in a compromising position when his next case leads him to a tabloid writer and a famous reporter, both of which he shares a complicated past that puts them all in danger. Top 5 High-School Korean Dramas(Till 2020). The story revolves around an investigation about an incident that happened in 1992. From cropped vests, tennis skirts, to oversized baggy pants—this online shop has it all. Here's why the actress was initially apprehensive to take on the 1930s gothic classic. Ji Chang Wook is a South Korean actor. Yea, Our Ji Chang-Wook, the man with a most pretty smile. The K2 is the most Stylish Drama of Ji Chang-wook. 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