I listen to this song about 30 times everyday, This is now my favourite youtube channel this shit is amazing. FINALLY FOUND IT. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?
I love it but is there a way to raise the vocals a little bit more? ur remixes are sooo litt. Hozier & Ed Sheeran), You & Me Forever (Drake feat.

Trinity Coves August 1, 2015 Mash-up, J. Cole, AVSTIN JAMES. I will support all the way. Props to you bro :)! I've been here since you had 1k I am going to stay and support you through your whole career you are going to make it big man.

Stream AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild) by Zeezus from desktop or your mobile device.

wow.. you will be famous AF my good sir haha. Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 …

AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild) - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by TrapNation representing cuz the grind don't stop the tea stays green & the lions stay ROARIN!

I always get back to Avstin James when I'm searching for that crazy remix I heard.

+KoZa Search up aftergoldz i think that should be it, I seem to be the only person here in 2020. so glad I found your channel, keep up the great work!

plz like this so he sees, Joe Dorben lol I was just listening to this then looked at his recent uploads and found a no role modelz mashup as I’m reading these comments. Wow...kinda reminds me about how I met my girl...lol fr tho, AUSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild), J. Cole - Wet Dreams (Mix by Avstin James) - Aftergold Dreamz, AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz [TSA MUSIC], J. Cole & Big Wild Aftergold Dreamz / Avstin James Remix, AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild), AUSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild) // EDITED, AUSTIN JAMES - Backseat XE3 (Kendrick Lamar X Whethan), AUSTIN JAMES - Back 2 All (Drake X Manila Killa), Nomero X Kanye West - Bound Me 2 Church (feat. Remember my name, So eu que estou aqui por causa do yoonaTV, Hahahah just knew would see allllll the bruhssss here xoxo. Exclusive download Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild) Enter your email address above to receive newsletters containing news, updates and promotions regarding products from AVSTIN JAMES.

You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, Remix of J cole wet dreamz by AVSTIN JAMES. Kiesza X Big Wild), The lyrics can frequently be found in the. I can't wait to see your music grow. Love your music man!!

I remember being your 700 hundredth subscriber, and then in the blink of an eye you have more than 11,000. gud to 3ee u BRUH Bruhs, Groovy Amei a música, vou colocar no meu próximo Highlight. Gummy Criticizing other people for talking about Fousy Tube to get top comment interesting and very hypocritical. @Will Thomas You have a good acapella of No Role Modelz? Please download one of our supported browsers. This is almost better that the actual song!

This , Other then the fact that it's hard to hear the lyrics over the music it's a great song, Bro I've been here since you had 50 imma be here till the end. But didn't you just use fousey to get top comment by complaining about people using fousey to try and get top comment... Fail. Good to SEe people supporting each other good job Bro !! This came out almost 2 years ago and im just hearing this.

. @shermanx37 lmao you try getting a serviceable acapella out of No Role Modelz then dumbass, Can't believe I found out about this masterpiece 4 years ago. i love this shit dude, so glad i found your music <3. FOUSEY brought me here he should really sponsor J Cole!! @Saiyan Avide you are an idiot if u think the homeless guy was fake. all I see is Bruhbruhs in the comments!

SoundCloud. WE ARE BRUUUUUUUUUUUUHS BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHS <3. SoundCloud. Big wild aftergold lyrics, full song. Thank You and have a great day!!!! you're incredible.

+Raw Paradise Clothing Co how old are you? Came because of DoseofFousey.. subcribing cuz your overwhelming music! I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR IT EVERYWHERE EVER SINCE YOUSEF PUT IT IN HIS VLOG. This song is dope and if people actually enjoyed it instead of just coming trying to get top comment using Fousy then youtube would be a better place. Feel like the background would've been better with GOMD by j. Cole I love your stuff, just some constructive criticism! I Post The Songs I Use On Vine Here! First Post As OfficialPrde. 03:33 Big Wild – Aftergold (feat.
Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Visions (feat. People are sleeping on this mix like hell, by far, this and the me forever have been the dopest remixes, THIS IS NEARLY A YEAR OLD BUT ITS STILL STRAIGHT FIRE , When you realize the Bruh Bruhs gave them more views, oh my god. Can somebody sand me a instrimental from this song? Stream AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild) by hayde from desktop or your mobile device. Holy shit this is FIRE.. X Big Wild) Big Wild - Aftergold [Dylan Montayne Remix] Big Wild - Aftergold (obli Remix) Big Wild - Aftergold (feat. no one cares about that just listen to the music, +Roberto Espinoza-Torres ALL THE J.COLE FANS1.DOF2.ME3.YOU.

This is my favorite track from Canadian mash-up specialist AVSTIN JAMES, who has been putting out some really good stuff lately.

He found a way. Need help? Lmao I’ve got one chief, it’s not that hard to cancel all the instrumental and just isolate the vocals.

DOPE REMIX!! Keep doing you man. @Joe Dorben i believe my ones fairly good, besides once you add the other sampled music and create the mashup you cannot hear any of the remaining audio other than the vocals. I dont believe you tbh. Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole x Big Wild) - AVSTIN JAMES. Tove Styrke) bro keep killing it this is art right here.... all the way from DoesOFfousy. Damn DoF was wayy different then, "The tea is green or some shit like that" bruh bruh, "THE BIGGEST J.COLE FAN ON YOUTUBE" BROUGHT ME HERE, U should make a Spotify and add the remixes, green tea is green tea if its just green tea, You've got great music, I've been trying to find a account like this .

Damn, I love your music! Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. kkkkkkkkkkk...tbm to aki pq vi no canal do yoona, If fousey ate his chipotle this would be on Spotify, Always find myself coming back to listen to this fire. im leaving this comment here because i know your songs will all go viral. Keep it up :).

I listen like 20 times daily. Shout out to Fousey for this amazing connect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got a suggestion, sun models by odesza and no role modelz by j cole, and call it no sun modelz.

Devante Fields), Backseat XE3 (Kendrick Lamar X Wheathin), Nomero X Kanye West - Bound Me 2 Church (feat. This is amazing!!!! Man this guy is blowing up! AmaZing work on all your songs soon you will be on tour !

AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild) by hayde published on 2015-09-13T18:16:14Z.

@deX Groovy não cara, de vez enquanto eu jogo no PS4 do meu amigo. Ive heard ones and Ive tried to make one myself, none are all that great.

Kanye West X Flume), Bound Me 2 Church (Kanye West X Nomero Ft. Hozier & Ed Sheeran), How Did I Get Here Alone (G-Eazy X ODESZA), Bad Bonfire (Childish Gambino X Axel Thesleff), OG Justice (Kendrick Lamar Ft. Drake X Troyboi), Stronger Roses (Kanye West X The Chainsmokers), Teach Me Mami (Joey Bada$$ feat. +Saiyan Avide His vlogs are fake too lol, at least the homeless guy thing, +Prince Santana not after he faked.. his vlogs are still cool tho, 3 years from today this was published and it's still just as lit!! AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild), Users who like AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild), Users who reposted AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild), Playlists containing AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild), More tracks like AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild). Gotta say! keep doing what you do. Keep on doing what your doing bruh because your music is good.

AVSTIN JAMES - Aftergold Dreamz (J. Cole X Big Wild) by Zeezus published on 2015-09-29T23:27:25Z.

Hozier & Ed Sheeran), Back 2 All (Drake X Manila Killa), Want It, You &

bruh I hope you make it big.

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